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7 Filling – Pocket Friendly Bites under Rs.200 in Porvorim Goa

Here are the 7 pocket-friendly places in Porvorim under Rs. 200. So sit back and relax as we tantalize your senses with shawarmas, burgers,
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7 Filling Pocket Friendly Places In Porvorim
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Porvorim is quickly transforming into the place to visit, be it for shopping, eating or just hanging out. As our indulgences increase, our budgets decrease. But once again, Incredible Goa has got you covered, in this week’s food review feature, we are taking you to the 7 pocket-friendly places in Porvorim for under Rs.200. So sit back and relax as we tantalize your senses with shawarmas, burgers, sandwiches, shakes, ice teas and much much more. A good mix of healthy as well as fast food that’s filling and will certainly leave you satisfied.


A new edition to the Porvorim food circuit. Amigoz Grill has only recently opened but is already grabbing everyone’s attention. Budget friendly and fresh homemade bites are their specialties. Amigoz Grill is the brainchild of Rakshit Kawarsa and his wife Harshita Saxena. Harshita prepares the delectable homemade sauces and other dishes. They have a great menu where most of the dishes are based on chicken varieties, like the regular chicken shawarma and the grilled chicken fries which is French fries topped with shawarma chicken and drizzled in a medley of their different sauces. They also make a great fish & chips using fresh tilapia fish, which is known in Goa as Palu, as well as a pretty decent Chicken Seekh kebab. The best part is everything at Amigoz is homemade and fresh and not frozen or ready-made.


Fatwich is yet another hidden gem, quietly tucked away in the busy heart of Porvorim. Ryan D’Souza dishes out a range of subs, sandwiches, and burgers at extremely budget friendly prices. Why pay big money for sandwiches that sound all fancy, but arrive below expectations when you can pay decent prices and get food that will leave you stuffed. The sub and sandwiches are the forte of Fatwich and are made using focaccia bread that is stuffed with a chicken which is marinated in a homemade (marinade) for a couple of hours. The sub is also filled with veggies and doused in a combination of various sauces depending on the type. All sandwiches and subs are freshly made, and packed with flavor. Hearty and wholesome, their food will make you realize why they are an absolute bargain. For all, you vegetarians out there Fatwich also has just as many sandwiches and subs filled with veggies and paneer.



Over the years, Aggarwal’s have grown to become a favorite of the young and college going crowd, due to their budget friendly menu, They serve up a wide range of snacks, burgers, sandwiches and their popular Shawarma in the evenings. They have also recently introduced a Crispy Bites menu which includes great portions of chicken bites like strips, nuggets, and popcorn that come with a mayo sauce and are priced extremely well. They serve juices, lassi, tea, and coffee throughout the day. They open in the morning but are packed in the evenings as that’s when the Shawarma begins. Tasty food at very reasonable rates, once you visit you’ll find out exactly why this is place is a favorite among the young crowd.



Finally, Porvorim got the much awaited Burger place that it deserves. Friends with Buns was started by Tristan Lopes who is an IHM Goa graduate and a young man with a dream to follow his passion. He recognized the niche in Porvorim and decided to capitalize on it, using his culinary skills and a lot of research along with some trial and error. There are two variants of burgers: Beef and Chicken. The burger is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and cheese. While the chicken burger is topped with caramelized onions instead of pickled cucumbers The burger is also topped with 3 sauces; mayo, jalapeño relish, and a spicy chili sauce, if you go for the spicy option.Be careful though, this burger is super messy and will leave you licking your fingers, salivating for more. They also plan to introduce chicken wings and more in the weeks to come.



A foodie’s delight wrapped up and served with love and passion straight from the middle east to our beautiful Goa. Vipul Gonsalves, the owner of this truck has worked in Saudi Arabia in the past at a Lebanese shawarma joint and eventually ended up managing the entire chain of restaurants across Saudi Arabia. Fast forward to a couple of years later, and Vipul is now serving up shawarmas to the busy crowd of Porvorim in the most authentic Arabian style as possible. Vipul takes pride in his authentic Mid-Eastern style preparation of the shawarma, by emphasizing a lot on the taste of his chicken, by using a lot of spices and a heavy marination. He also serves up an Iranian shawarma which is easily one of the most authentic tasting shawarmas you’ll ever taste in Goa. One can easily eat to their heart’s delight within 200 rupees here. This shawarma ticks all the boxes and will leave you feeling stuffed.



Walk in to On the Go and you will be greeted by the very humble and friendly Marco Crisanto. Originally from Peru, he came down to Goa a couple of years ago and spent his time as a DJ but then decided to venture into his passion for food and turn into a business along with his wife Mona, who is a patissier by profession and helps out with most of the desserts that are served at On the Go. They serve up a range of food and drinks like chicken rice bowls, brown bread sandwiches, desserts, fresh blended fruit ice teas and more. A lot of the dishes are native to Peru while some of them have both the Peruvian and Indian style incorporated into it. Every single item on their menu is made using fresh and organic ingredients and is super healthy too. Minimal décor, a calm ambience and chilled out music complete the On the Go experience



This swanky café & bistro opened recently and has slowly been gaining in popularity, among crowds of different ages. Caffe’tude Bistro is perfectly decked with contemporary interiors and has a lovely hipster ambience. There are board games to play and pass your time with, free wi-fi and the place is also pet-friendly and encourages you to bring your furry little friends along with you. Sandwiches, desserts, rolls, smoothies, shakes and coffees on the menu along with a wide selection of continental food and also a very hearty breakfast menu for the mornings. The whole atmosphere and ambience is very laid back and open and puts you at ease, so does the food and drinks. Top notch quality at reasonable rates. The owner of this Bistro is Nivedita who joyfully greets everybody and carries a spark of Mumbai. 



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