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Restaurants to Open in Goa from Monday while Schools, Colleges, Cinema Halls and Gyms to remain closed till further Notice.

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Restaurants to Reopen in Goa
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Finally, the most awaited restaurants will be reopening in Goa from Monday as decided earlier while the Schools, colleges, Cinema Halls, Gyms and Religious places shall remain closed till the end of this month. 

Although the cases of COVIS-19 in the state keeps rising with the formation of Contentment zone ion south Goa and the state government is in process of implementing the Un-lockdown 1.0 with the opening of the restraints in Goa.

According to the PTI reports, In its fresh set of guidelines regarding the lockdown issued on Sunday, the state government also gave relaxation of two hours for movement of individuals for non-essential activities, the official said.

While the current ban on such movement is between 7 pm and 5 am, from Monday onwards, it would be restricted to 9 pm and 5 am.

“As per the new guidelines, restaurants will be allowed to function from Monday. But they will have to follow the social distancing norms. Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration will issue guidelines for the restaurants,” state health secretary Neela Mohanan said.

Meanwhile, the state tourism department is working on collecting the data of all the hotels in the state before taking the decision of reopening them. “The state tourism department will collect the data of all the hotels before taking a decision on allowing resumption of their operations,” she added.

The ban on schools, colleges, educational/ training/coaching institutions, cinema halls/theatres, swimming pools, casinos, river cruises, multiplexes, consumption of liquor at public places, among other things, will continue in the state.

The state has permission for the liquor vendors to sell the liquor but the Bars in the state continues to remain closed till further instructions from the state Government.

The state is going through a major issue of constantly increasing cases of COVID-19 which is coming from the Containment zone and the same is spreading in the other parts of the state, and the state government is in hurry to open the restaurants by putting the lives of people into more risk, said the sources.

Meanwhile, the people of Sattari district are in process of sealing the borders of the district due to the fear of getting the community transfer like that of Sanguem.

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