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Goa’s Tourism Policy Waiting For Cabinet Approval Since Months

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Goa Tourism Policy
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Goa is highly dependent on tourism for its economy, and with the pandemic, the situation appears to be grim, at least for this tourism season which set to commence from October.  However, it is also learned that Goa’s draft tourism has not been approved by the state’s cabinet, despite being sent to the cabinet a few months ago. 

As reported, the draft tourism policy is an important plan, containing several important decisions that will help the tourism sector moving ahead. However, the delay on the path of the cabinet to approve it has irked many tourism stakeholders. 

Accordingly, the draft tourism policy – pending approval from the state cabinet – contains different facets such as that of heritage and coastal tourism, cultural and also nature-based tourism. It also includes aspects such as that of leisure, entertainment, and meetings. Reportedly, an important part of this draft tourism policy includes the setting up of a ‘Goa Tourism board’. 

Delays on the path of the cabinet to approve the draft policy still remains unknown, as the approval from the cabinet continues to hinder the implementation of the policy. 

Various tourism-related businesses that are facing an upheaval task owing to the pandemic situation have urged the government to implement the policy at the earliest, keeping in mind several struggling tourism-related commerce that need help to be revived. 

The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) has also approached the government asking them to implement this policy. “This is the right time to take it forward,” TTAG president Nilesh Shah said. 

This policy has taken four years to be finalized, and now, only the approval remains pending. The setting up of the Tourism board, with the Tourism Minister as its head was finalized, after the suggestions of having the board as an independent body was not welcomed by the government. 

Several rounds of discussion with various stakeholders have happened over the last four years, and now, its implementation is very much important to help the state reclaim its identity among other international tourist destinations and further attract quality tourists that can be a boost to the sector going ahead.  

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