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Sea Hubs: The co-working Spaces on Goa’s Pristine Beaches 

A new revolution is on the horizon for co-working spaces in Goa, as the IT department plans to establish 12 sea hubs along the
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Sea Hub
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Goa is one of the most visited states in India. It is a famous tourist destination and houses rich history and heritage along with the Portuguese influence. The authorities have recently decided to create sea hubs and design villages for professionals and artists. Creating coast co-working spaces along the coast of Goa has a very wide scope for the future. It has the potential of amping up tourism in Goa all the while attracting creative talent to the state. It can also vitalize the state’s economy with its implementation.

At the SartUp20 Engagement Group meeting held last week, IT and Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte said that the state government is in the process of introducing 12 sea hubs along the shoreline. These co-working spaces would be a creative hub where young professionals could work in the midst of natural beauty.

The workspaces are to be built at 12 beaches. This initiative will also allow the state government to refresh the coastal landscape and add a new blend of natural beauty and development to the coasts. The sea hubs will allow for a healthy work-life balance. With this project, the government also plans on bringing investments and making Tuem, North Goa fully operational as an electronic manufacturing cluster.

According to Associate Professor, of Organisational Behavior at the Goa Institute of Management, V Padmanabhan, setting up workspaces within a natural setting will potentially boost creativity, improve overall general health and boost job satisfaction. He said that employees can leave work early or take breaks and engage in outdoor activities to combat work stress.

Implementation of such workspaces will greatly help those in the creative and technology sectors. Co-working spaces will reduce the cost of establishment for individual companies as well. According to Aaron Fernandez, the founder of Kilowott, the creation of sea hubs will improve the co-working system and create a more empowering work environment.

The state government is also planning to set up a “Design Village”. This community will provide a perfect setting for creators and innovators to develop their skills. It would help provide a nurturing environment to build creativity. The development of sea hubs and design villages will also provide employment opportunities in Goa.

For nomadic employees and people working in the creative and technology sector who wants to work in a natural setting, Goa is the perfect destination with its beautiful beaches and rich natural cover. The development of sea hubs is the perfect opportunity to attract tourists and employees alongside the economic boost.

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