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The Empowering Journey of Pallavii Arrondekar

Explore the inspiring journey of Pallavii H Arrondekar, a remarkable communicator, handwriting analyst, and graphotherapist, as she redefines herself from a corporate professional to
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Pallavii Arrondekar
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Set against the backdrop of the enchanting land of Goa, where the beaches meet a rich tapestry of culture, unfolds the inspiring story of Pallavii H Arrondekar. A woman of remarkable achievements, her journey weaves a mesmerising tale of self-empowerment and self-discovery. As the Director of the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Pallavii’s path stands as a testament to the unwavering strength of resilience and determination.

A Dynamic Force in the Industry

At GCCI, she has masterfully coordinated efforts within Education, Tourism, and IR & HR Committees, showcasing her remarkable ability to foster dialogue between trade, industry, and government. Notably, she rekindled the legacy of the GCCI Bulletin, infusing it with new life and vibrancy. She was In- Charge of the ‘I-Create-GCCI’ initiative  from Oct 2011- Feb 2013 & helped launch the ‘CMS- Change the MindSet Program’ in 10 colleges in Goa to spark an interest in entrepreneurship in students.

From Mumbai to Goa: A Transformative Odyssey

Pallavii’s narrative took an intriguing turn as she transitioned  from a Corporate Communications professional in bustling Mumbai to her new abode in Vasco-da-Gama, Goa. The cultural dichotomy and responsibilities that greeted her posed formidable challenges. In the blink of an eye, she was cast into roles that spanned bride, wife, daughter-in-law, and mother, each with its own demands. Yet, amidst the whirlwind of roles, she found herself grappling with the notion of unemployment.

Seizing Opportunity              

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Pallavii’s transformational journey took an unexpected twist when a quest for a simple home iron unravelled a path towards her passion for communication. A serendipitous encounter with the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry led her to a job offer that would alter her trajectory forever.

Embracing the Unfamiliar

Passionate about communication and always willing to learn,  a five-day workshop on learning ‘Screenplay’ advertised by the Entertainment Society of Goa intrigued  Pallavii.  After grappling with self doubt and hesitation, she embarked  on a transformative journey, blossoming into an actor,  dialogue writer and the creative force behind an impactful short film – ‘Creeky Possession’. The play-on-words of the film title  by Pallavi, adeptly  conveyed the pollution infested Panaji Creek. This film  clinched  the 2nd Prize at SCI-FFI Goa 2016. This triumph resonated as the film graced the ‘International Short Film Carnival’ at Maquinez Palace.

Resilience and Personal Fulfilment

Amidst challenges, resistance, and societal expectations, Pallavii forged ahead. Her accomplishments include the GCCI publication of ‘President GCCI- A Chronicle of Four Years,’ released at the hands of  Hon’ble  Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. Her ideation & creative inputs on a book on  the Khazans of Goa was appreciated in a special mention  by H.E. the Hon’ble Governor of Goa, Sreedharan Pillai at an event at the Chamber.

Pallavii’s steadfastness extended to her personal aspirations, culminating in her long cherished desire of becoming a certified Image Consultant. She believes that  words, speech, clothing and body language are all interesting narratives of a  personality. She has conducted workshops on communication & image for  college students as well as  corporates.

A Catalyst for Change

Pallavii’s journey extended beyond the shores of Goa. She represented GCCI, Goa & India  at a 21 day Seminar on Industry Associations organised by the Ministry of Commerce, China, in Beijing. Her stay there with representatives from 13 countries, made her realise the universality of human experiences and challenges. Intrigued, she decided to learn more about human behaviour & psychology. This led her to a different journey of understanding thought, actions and behaviours through a deep dive in graphology – the science and art of  handwriting analysis. She is now a certified Handwriting Analyst & Graphotherapist.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Pallavii H Arrondekar’s journey is an inspiration, a testament to embracing change and a celebration of the strength that lies within every woman. From a corporate professional to a catalyst for change, she redefined herself, crafting a narrative that demonstrates the power of resilience, adaptability, and self-belief. Her story resonates with the spirit of Goa itself—vibrant, diverse, and endlessly captivating.

Incredible Goa Society is honoured to feature Pallavii Arrondekar in our Women  Empowerment section, a tribute to the unstoppable force that she is. Her journey is a  celebration of grit, grace, and the unbreakable spirit of empowerment.

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