1400 Taxis Operating with GoaMiles Happily says Goa Transport Minister

In what could be termed as good news for locals and tourists, the Transport Minister, Mauvin Godinho said that around 1400 taxis with different types of permits are already impaneled under GoaMiles taxi app, and also added that the taxi owners seem to be happy with improved earnings.

He also said that under Section 66 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988, every transport vehicle is required to have a permit issued by the transport department.

Any taxi with a valid permit can register under an aggregator and carry out business as per guidelines of the state transport authority (STA).

There have been demands from the local taxi unions that the State Government scrap GoaMiles, the app-based taxi service, claiming loss in business and uneconomic competition among different permit holders.

Godinho stated that every cab has to comply with the Motor Vehicle rules and are under taxi permit, whether operated through an aggregator or run independently.

“The Government has not yet taken any action to the grievances of the local taxi operators.  App service provides convenience to customers wherein one can book and get convenient pickup,”

Godinho said that there is no scheme to promote self-employment to buy and operate commercial taxis in the state. However, taxi permits are open as regards to All India Tourist Taxi Permits and All Goa Tourist Taxi Permits.

The Transport Minister also added that there was no provision in the law for issue of taxi license only to Goans, and permits were issued to the applicant who complies with the requirement for granting permits. There was no ban put by the Government on existing taxi operators with regards to renewal or grant of permits.

Source: TOI

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