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10 Interesting Facts About Goa

Goa is much more than simply a place to party; it also has a rich heritage! Here are some interesting Goan facts to keep
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10 Interesting Facts About Goa
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Each year, visitors from all over the world are welcomed to this tiny state in India to take advantage of the amazing bars and clubs, white sand beaches, and clean oceans.

But Goa is much more than simply a place to party; it also has a rich heritage! Here are some interesting Goan facts to keep in mind:

There Are 7000 Bars in Goa!

One of the Goa facts you weren’t aware of is this. Goa boasts an incredible number of bars for such a small state. There are over 7000 bars in total, and practically all of them have alcohol service licenses. But what would your guess be if you included the total number of bars without a permit in the calculation? The party capital of India, Goa, attracts thousands of sun-seeking travelers every year.

There is an abundance of affordable booze. Goa’s north is often livelier, however south also hosts plenty of beach parties. It would be an incredible amount! Would Goa then become India’s capital of alcohol? Actually, no. Being a popular travel destination, this place is full of positive energy and wild dreams. Bars thus serve only to promote the region’s “footloose” (as opposed to “recluse”) social psyche.

Thirty Percent of Goa is Covered by Forest

Although many people associate Goa with its expansive, white-sand beaches, the state also has a significant amount of woodland. India’s tropical wonderland is Goa. The stunning Western Ghats of India, a large mountain range and a treasure trove of biodiversity, enclose around 20% of the territory of Goa. More than 30% of this state is covered in forests. Birdlife and exotic species abound in the forests. Here one finds a thriving ecology typical of the Western Ghats.

Thousands of different plant species are produced by the equatorial forest cover. More than 275 different bird species contribute to this thriving ecology. These forests are home to more than 40 different species of wildlife and reptiles.

Indian giant squirrels, mongooses, slender lorises, Indian macaques, and sloth bears are just a few of the unique animals that may be found in these jungles.

Goa Has India’s Largest Waterfall and Oldest Rocks

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls, which stand an astonishing 603 meters tall, are located in the state’s far east and are known as the second-highest waterfall in all of India. It is an amazing sight to see, pouring down a slope behind the tracks and covered by thick jungle. On our trip to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, you may see it for yourself and even take a dip. According to geologists, Goa has traces of human habitation dating back to the Stone Age.

Between Molem and Anmod in Goa, one can find some of the ancient rocks in all of India. These rocks, which are Trondjemeitic Gneiss, are more than 3,600 million years old!.

Two-Wheeler Taxis!

In no other location in India can you request a ride from a motorbike and legitimately pay them without having to worry about travelling with a stranger! There are several motorbike taxis in Goa, and for a fee, the riders will transport you where you need to go while riding a pillion.

It is well known for being a fuel-efficient mode of transportation and is also affordable for the Goan economy. These two-wheeled taxis, known as “Pilot,” are another way for women to get to and from where they want to go. Importantly, visitors can travel the entire state without incurring excessive gasoline and driver expenses.

Goa’s Independence Day

As you might be aware, the British gave up control of India in 1947, allowing it to become an independent nation. Goa was an exception, though. Goa itself was legally Portuguese property until 1961 when Indian soldiers retook control of the area.

As a result, Goa commemorates both Goa’s freedom on December 19 and India’s independence on August 15! Fortunately, there are so many bars to have a good time at.

More than 400 Different Bird Species Call Goa Home

At present, there are a total of six nature reserves where you may go to learn more about the birdlife, such as the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Central Goa and the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in South Goa.

Some extremely uncommon birds, such as the Long-billed Vulture, Darter, Great Pied Hornbill, Indian Skimmer, and Asian Fairy Bluebird, may be seen if you’re lucky.

India’s Tiniest State is Goa.

Although it is only somewhat larger than Devon (1,429 square miles), it has a 99-mile-long coastline. It is inaccurate to say that the state lacks attractions and fun activities—quite the contrary!

First Medical School in India

Goa offers a unique way of life as a melting pot of different cultures and countries.  The Goa Medical College was established as India’s first medical school to train future physicians as well as to provide medical care. Certainly one of the Goa things you were unaware of is this. It was constructed in the 18th century when Portugal was still the state’s dominant power.

With literature from the 18th century, this medical college is one of the oldest in Asia, and it also has one of the oldest libraries. The medical college has a long history of successful medicinal interventions. The hospital currently provides a variety of services, including crucial ones like open heart surgery and knee replacement surgery among many others.

Goa’s Naval Aviation Museum

Asia’s first and only Naval Aviation Museum is unique to Goa. There are just a few other museums like this one in the entire globe. India’s naval aviation heritage is on exhibit in this Goa museum. For example, the Lockheed Super Constellation, a huge reconnaissance ship, is on exhibit. In the museum, you may observe the first naval aircraft made in India.

There are displays of modern aircraft, jet trainers, helicopters, and illustrious warplanes. Naval artefacts are displayed in one area of the structure. You can view weaponry that has been used in the past and that is still being used by visiting the armament enclosure.

High Per Capita Income

One of the emotionally charged aspects of Goa is that once you arrive, you don’t wish to go! You might imagine living a life of wealth and elation here for the rest of your days. Unexpectedly, Goans in the state who live and work there have a lot of extra cash — fortunate guys! According to a national census, the average annual income of Goans is INR 192, 652.

This enables one to live comfortably in the state. A Goan might make you envious since they’re blessed with so many recreational options. Forests, beaches, nightlife, casinos, party boats, and cash in the bank!

We have shared the 10 interesting facts about Goa but there are more such facts that we might have missed out in this article, if you know any such interesting facts please do share them in your comments.   

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