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‘Shinvar’, A Goan Short Film Screened at The 51st International Film Festival of India

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“Shinvar”, a 13 minutes Konkani short film directed by Manguirish Bandodkar and produced by Pravin Parkar was screened at the 51st IFFI under the Goan Section on 21 January 2021. 

In a small interview with the Director, Producer, and the lead role played by Ashish Nagvekar, spoke regarding their film and their experience while making this short film.

The Director, Manguirish Bandodkar said that his main motto to portray to the audience via the film was to show how we tend to blame someone or something when anything bad occurs in our lives. 

In the film, whenever something bad happens the lead character blames the rain for it. So Bandodkar tried to change the mindset of the people who push the blame onto others whenever something bad takes place. 

The shooting of the film took place in the monsoon season in the year 2019. He said that there were a lot of issues with regards to the venue and the rain as they had to change the venue again and again due to reasons and the rain had caused many road blockages which caused travel issues for the crew and cast.

The Cast and Crew of Konkani Short Film Shinvar

Though the shooting was completed in a short period of time which was four days, Bandodkar said that it was a great experience. 

“You enjoy the process when you are passionate about it,” stated Bandodkar.

Pravin Parkar, the Producer also mentioned another angle to the movie which was to show the relationship between the people of different generations wherein the kids are forbidden to play in the rain on the fear of sickness and are compelled to stay home in the monsoon season but the film portrays that the parents should let the children enjoy their childhood in nature.

Mr Parker mentioned that the members of the crew and cast are all Goans and the entire film was shot in Goa itself. 

Ashish Nagvekar who has played the lead role in this film started his career as a Director in this field.

“I met Manguirish in the People’s High School where I was doing a skit. I didn’t even know the script, he said ‘Sir I have a concept and I think you are the right choice for it’, so I told him that I’m not a good actor, I’m a director so it will be all your responsibility because I’ll be under you and whatever I have to do, you have to tell me and I’ll do it,” said Ashish Nagvekar.

He further mentioned that the pre-shoot plan took around one and a half years and that the team work was excellent.

He also mentioned that they are planning on sending the movie to other film festivals and hope for the best.

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