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The 5 Secret and Private Beaches of Goa That You May Not be Aware of

It is pretty sure that we have visited all the beaches in Goa, but not ALL!!! There many more beaches that we are yet
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It is pretty sure that we have visited all the beaches in Goa, but not ALL!!! There many more beaches that we are yet unaware of. The suspense lies in every corner of the universe and so does in Goa. Some beaches have been unknown to people while some are private beaches. Let’s take a look at these beaches so that your next visit in Goa can be more fun.


Towards the north of Palolem beach, comes a small portion of land that is known as the Butterfly Island. Because of the rocks and land structure, this beach-like-Island has been given the name as Butterfly. This place has crystal clear waters. It is also very empty and for those wanting some good privacy should make sure to visit this area. It is also a pleasing sight to see many Dolphins here as well as the sunset at twilight. This beach cannot be accessed by roads since it is surrounded by the forest. It is good if you choose to go on a trek to this place as you can cross the beautiful forest. Otherwise, a boat is required to visit this place.


In the Cola village of Margao, lays a significant beauty. This beach is the cleanest of all due to its less rush of people. The composition of the surrounding is a cute small cove. It is very difficult to get to this place and thus has a low rate of visitors. Most people hire a boat and a professional guide to reach here. This beach has good shade and sand, where having barbecue evenings or a born-fire is just fine. The beach is known as the Tiger beach by the people living there because they believe that hunting of tigers goes on here. However, that is false and it is just to keep people away from coming here. If such dreadful activities exist then surely someone might have complained about it, but so far it is a quiet blissful area.


This beach is perfect for the non-swimmers due to its shallow water. It is situated closely near the Western Ghats, surrounded by lots of fishermen boats. Are you a fishing fan? Then Hollant is the best place to catch your fish, cook it and eat. There are many shacks and small eating joints run by the locals who know the oldest of old recipes to cook the yummy fish. Make sure to try them out, with possibly getting to know their recipes as a benefit for your daily cooking. Not only is the food considered the main item, but so is Kayaking a skill among the people there.


One of the protected beaches is the Galgibaga known for its turtle nestlings. This beach lies in South Goa, Canacona. Turtle (Olive Ridley) fans are always welcomed here only if you make sure to be gentle with these delicate creatures. This beach is their home. The beautiful coconut and pine trees make this place look like the Treasure Island movie. The sand at this very beach takes up a good saturation of silver, unlike the much golden sand on beaches. The beach surrounds a village of amicable villagers who seem to be fond of the ancient folklore and fishing activities. You will find quite a number of fishermen living in those areas. It is known that these people pray to the Sea Gods before the season of fishing begins. You will learn a lot of interesting history with these villagers.


Kalacha is a gifted place from heaven that remains clear, beautiful and untouched by many till date. This place is like a luxury peregrine that immediately attracts a lot of photographers. Although, this area is not often visited by the crowds nor does it entertain voyagers. Many tropical birds and animals are found here and thus tourists are warned to be careful. With its immense beauty, this place encourages paragliding and hang gliding. When in process of the activities, gliders get a picture perfect view from above of this heavenly place. Sometimes the beach carries on live music, sessions and parties that are arranged by backpackers but only for fewer groups of people. The Kalacha is close enough to North Goa’s Arambol beach and one can easily walk from there or use a vehicle to reach the point.

Now that you know of these amazing beaches, you will definitely plan to visit them but remember that these beaches being away from the crowd are more virgin and free from pollution and garbage. Please make sure that it is left the way it is. If you know of any such places then share them with us in the comment box below.

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