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A First Generation Businessman Changing the Face of Real Estate Goa

Goans know him for his awe-inspiring motivational speeches and support to people who work with him, even to the ones who use his firm's
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Goans know him for his awe-inspiring motivational speeches and support to people who work with him, even to the ones who use his firm’s services. Rajesh Tarkar is well known as a trendsetter and a strong competitor in the real estate world. A self-made man, extremely ambitious and a devoted spiritual person, Rajesh has come a long way walking the path of glory and success that he built from his sweat and blood. A workaholic but still a family man, Rajesh has made a mark for himself in real estate sector in Goa.

His firm – Rajdeep Builders – provides exclusive luxury homes with A-class infrastructure and amenities at a price, which no other builder offers. His mantra of quality and care, converge where his services begin. Rajesh Tarkar shares his struggle-ridden but a success story of how he made it big in this tough world.

Belonging to a simple middle-class family, Rajesh has always been a people’s person. He was passionate about music and singing, and use to perform at many cultural events at the temples in his village, and also during festivals and occasions. He was fond of doing the décor for the homes of his family and friends. Seeing his skills and how he had done up his own house, neighbours took his help for doing the interiors of their homes as well. He was getting recognised for his work and soon began taking orders as a consultant, right after finishing his schooling. He got acknowledged and recognition for his work and contribution towards his town and its people, and became a sort of a celebrity in his locality. Soon, he started flourishing in the area of interiors and construction at a small scale.

The Origin of the First Generation Entrepreneur

After a family discord, Rajesh moved to the city with literally nothing in hand and started working as a banker in Goa. He worked his way up through rigour, determined to succeed. In his entire career as a banker, he worked at renowned banks like the State Bank of India and Bajaj Finance as Branch Manager. With multiple skill sets like business management, motivational speaking and customer engagement ability, Rajesh was able to move up the hierarchy through diligence and determination. After reaching the top, Rajesh wanted to pursue his passion for interior design which he missed dearly. Soon enough, he got the opportunity to do-up an apartment for a close friend which turned out to be a successful project. The apartment became an example of an impressive and fine design. One thing led to another, and soon he started getting orders for doing interiors for more places.

Many well-wishers and friends, seeing his work, started advising Rajesh to move his focus to a different field – interiors and construction. After exiting a long and successful banking career, he started a small real estate consultancy firm where he initiated construction of residential apartments. The first apartment complex he sold became the talk of town primarily because of quality of material used and above all – selling each flat with a 5-year maintenance warranty. This proposition shook the entire ecosystem of real estate in Goa because no builder, even today, has ever given such an advantageous scheme.

After fighting many controversies, Rajesh accomplished a trustworthy name in the market, and that is how Rajdeep Builders came into existence.

The Builders Who Build with the Heart and Soul – Rajdeep Builders

Being a people’s person, it was quite easy for Rajesh to understand what people desire in a home. His firm creates homes that are an epitome of comfort, innovation and a great experience. Rajesh says, “People buy a home for themselves that should last a lifetime, using their hard earned money. If I can’t even serve them with quality amenities that can last a lifetime than what’s the point. It is unfair, and I believe that buyers deserve everything that gives them value for their money.”

Rajdeep Builders have designed residences that offer contemporary themed, ready-to-move-in, fully furnished homes. They offer a 5-year warranty on the facilities provided, with replacement/repair guaranty in 48 hrs. It is an unmatched scheme with no other competition is close enough on this factor in the reality space. The projects proposed by Rajesh’s construction firm have created a niche and are a symbol of trust, transparency, and distinguished service in the real estate sector of Goa.

Rajesh adds, “People are the most valuable asset and are the bedrock of growth and success of my firm. They are the pillars of strength that makes us who we are. We have a highly efficient team to cater to the services in the shortest possible time, and we are proud to have a satisfied customer base dwelling in our projects.”

Rajesh has always maintained his willingness to work towards the betterment of people, enhancing lives and providing the best. He has offered employment to the locals and takes care of each of them as his own family. He says, “The moral value inherited from my family are embedded deep in me and I have filtered it into our company’s culture as well. I have been taught to be fair and just to my people and be committed to what I believe in. If I have promised something to my customer, I ensure that they get it. If not, I dig deep as to why such situation has risen and seen to it that their requirements are fulfilled at the earliest.”

Rajdeep Builders has offered many successful projects to the Goa state like – Rajdeep Residency, Dona Paula, Rajdeep Kenkre Residency, Rajdeep Bhavan – Socorro, Rajdeep Molacar Residency – Merces, Rajdeep Residency – Merces, Rajdeep Greenfield – Santa Cruz, Rajdeep Residency-Chimbel, Rajdeep Ideal Residency Taleigao, and Rajdeep Residency Mapusa. These residential complexes are standing examples of Rajesh’s contemporary thinking and ideology. They set an example of value for money and luxury homes in one frame.

A Promising Future – Passing His Legacy

Being a self-made man, with no support whatsoever from his family, Rajesh has worked hard to reach where he is today. He intends to pass on his legacy to his two daughters and have taught them the importance of hard-earned success and being financially independent. Rajesh is a man who has never given up even when he had hit rock bottom. Being loved by his people, has in a way, helped him succeed every milestone. That is why he values his people so much. The respect for people and money reflects in his work and services that he provides to them. He says, “My firm’s growth and respectability in the market is built on the adherence of quality, vision, fairness, forthrightness and accountability. We value every customer and build them their dream homes, not houses. I will keep walking the path of righteousness and giving people of my state, my country what they deserve; no matter what others say.”

Rajesh Tarkar is the first generation businessman that has changed the way the real estate has been functioning in Goa. He takes on the challenges head-on, and continue his endeavour to provide quality and extended services to the people in every way possible.

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