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Goa’s Premier Institution Mushtifund Aryaan Bags 100 Percent Result For 6th Time in a Row in Board exam.

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Mushtifund Aryan, Goa’s premier educational institute once again does it and this is the 6th time in a row that the institution has bagged a 100 percent result in the HSSC Board Exams. Something like this is not possible without the vision and efforts of the genius behind it and that is none other than its director Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudesai who is the heart and soul of this institution.

The Editor of Incredible Goa Magazine spoke with Mr. Prabhudesai over the phone about the success that his students have been achieving consistently for the past more than close to 15 years not only in the Board exam but also in the All India level engineering and Medical entrance exams. Here is the excerpt from the interview.

When our team member spoke to Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudesai over the phone asking him the first question as to how does he feel about the results that have come out this year, wherein the students have achieved tremendous success with 100 percent marks. Mr. Prabhudesai very humbly said that it was expected as it has been happening consistently for the past several years.

“According to me, this was expected since this is something we have been doing for several years in a row,” Said Mr. Prabhudesai very humbly adding that, his institution has been scoring 100% results for the last many years in a row and that most of the students have passed in distinction. “If you see the number, 90% of students from the batch of 76, 30 of them got 90% plus in Chemistry 27 90% plus in Physics and the same number of students got 90% plus in Maths. This is happening for years now, and at some stage, you really know what is happening is because of all the hard work we and students put in as we work 365 days a year, 24/7.”

As per Mr. Prabhudesai, the main factor behind achieving these results at the board level is the mentoring system his institution follows. “We take the selection process very seriously,” said Mr. Prabhudesai adding that the process begins with an entrance test which is very tough, and only the pupils who pass this tough test get selected to join the institution. “This way we make sure that the best of the best have been selected which according to me is the cream of Goa in the educational line. Once the selection process is over, we make sure that the standard of the teaching is maintained throughout the academic year.”

“We have the team of teachers who are selected from all over the country and trained to teach students,” Mr. Vyankatesh adding that his institute makes sure that it keeps the teaching staff motivated all the time. “We divide the entire batch of 80-85 students into groups of 10 depending upon the performance and these groups are assigned to one such teacher on the campus and these are their Mentors” and I take the Top 10 with me for the 2 Years that they study here. This way they are continuously guided not just for studies, but also for their behavior and the other aspects of the social and personal life such as Diet, planning out Tasks, and this way we maintain Wholesome Development of the Students here at MAHSS.”

According to Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudesai, at MAHSS his students believe in healthy competition, and it is about competing with yourself and not the others. “This way the students discuss the doubts with themselves continuously and then they solve the problems. Here at MAHSS we encourage the culture of Working together and groups, and this has proved to be really effective in its place,” said Mr. Vyankatesh adding that this approach keeps his institution running towards success every time. “We are training our students for everything and we are a full day school so we work in a slightly different style. We have a dropout rate that is close to 0% and the results are always clear as they are confident about themselves.”

“I have worked alongside the topmost individuals in the country so I use these contacts for the benefit of the students itself. During this pandemic lockdown, we had a lot of online sessions that keep our students motivated,” said Mr. Prabhudesai adding that they do an evaluation on the Tablet PC given to the students before the Lockdown happened. “They were doing the JEE and NEET Tests, from the tabs that were given to them and would take these tests from the comfort of their homes. The tests would be then uploaded at 5 pm and the students would then have around 3 hours to do the tests, and then the evaluation of the test would be done right in front of them so there wouldn’t be any delay of the same. This was as good as us finishing a lecture of class with our students on a Sunday as all their doubts were clarified and they could see them on-screen, although live classes are live classes and this has an advantage of students not traveling and they save a lot of time. We send them all the assignments, projects, and other material directly on the tabs itself.”

Here are the excerpts from the MAHSS Students: – 


Swarada V Deshmukh – Class XII

Swarada Deshmukh

These are hard times, which have hit mankind. Yes, the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus has caused a global health catastrophe. This has affected a lot of people, students included. But education must not take a backseat, though Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudessai and the result of which there are online lectures conducted for the students of Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School.

Our online lectures started in early May. Where subjects like English, Hindi, Computer science, and Psychology were taught, this was just the beginning I must say because these lectures were carried out so smoothly that in no time we were having full PCMB lectures going on. We need to support each other in these times and the MAHSS family did the exact same. With full support from our teachers and great devotion from the students, it is no surprise that these online lectures were a huge success. We, students, are indeed privileged to be studying at MAHSS where education is taken so seriously.

We, students, are very grateful and, we highly appreciate the hard work done by our institution for us. It is true that nothing can match the spirit of live interaction but this does not stop any of our teachers from teaching us with full enthusiasm and dedication. In the end, I would like to thank our Director for turning the thought of online lectures into reality. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Suyash Prabhu Desai – Class XI

Suyash Prabhudesai

“May it be Online or classroom, it is your determination and hard work for learning which will lead you to success” 

In the current situation of Covid-19, Outbreak Online Education has been a boon for global philomaths. As a student of Mustifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School, I am glad to say that Online classes have been very convenient so also advantageous for me. Not only it creates a classroom like an environment but it allows me to stay at home safely with my family continuing my education. For a student like me, one of the noteworthy edges of online learning over classroom learning is that it saves my time in traveling from home to school. Then there are our passionate, highly qualified, and dedicated teachers of MAHSS who stood up and accepted the challenge of maintaining our academic progress.

Our director Vyankatesh Prabhu Desai Sir whom we call him VPD Sir has always been a great motivation for us. He creates a classroom-like feel by involving all the students making the virtual classroom even more interesting. He invites experts from various disciplines who are passionate, successful and so also humble, sharing their experiences and stimulate young minds like us. Truly the virtual interaction with these personalities inspires us a lot. VPD sir has been doing everything possible to motivate us and escalate our interest in all subjects.

We have been learning online from the 3rd of June and so far we have understood each and every concept taught by our mentors online as equally as we would in a normal class. Also, we get to see recorded lectures in case if we miss the lecture due to connectivity issues. Online lectures do not consume much data. But as the saying goes that ‘each coin has two sides’ so does the online education. We sit for many hours in front of the screen that may have an impact on our health, especially on our eyes. Secondly, we might experience some health issues due to these radiations from electronic gadgets.

But in my experience with online classes, the good far outweighs the bad. In this current situation of Pandemic virtual classroom is a safe and intellectual choice for learning. I sometimes have connectivity issues other than that my experience with online classes has been an amazing right from home.

Shravani Waigaonkar – Class XII

Shravani Waigaonkar

While the whole world is battling the repercussions of the COVID pandemic, the students all across the globe have been the victims of anxiety and uncertainty. I have always felt blessed and one among the luckiest to be a part of the Aryaan Mushtifund family and this family has kept its members together and motivated even during these hard times!

The entire Aryaan faculty has always taught student’s perseverance and ensured that no obstacles can refrain us from achieving our maximum potential. Aryaan has been conducting online classes since the lockdown in a very hassle-free and strategic manner. Though online classes cannot replace the conventional classroom teaching, the immense dedication and enthusiasm of our teachers are reaching us through the digital mode also.

The rigor of teaching, learning, and testing continues to be as effective as during normal times. The sessions are filled with so much liveliness of teachers and students, equivalent to the conventional classes. Though words wouldn’t justify my immense respect and gratitude but still through this mode, I wish to extend my infinite gratitude to the Aryaan teachers, staff and especially Director of the institute, Shri Vyankatesh Prabhudesai for the creativeness and discipline of conducting the classes, the assurance provided by teachers and for keeping us motivated, not allowing the perturbance to even touch us!

Anushka Da silva – Class XI

Anushka Da Silva

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you” – Zig Ziglar

At the onset of the pandemic, when mundane activities were crippled for the sake of safety, numerous questions arose in the minds of students and teachers alike regarding the unclear future of education during this time of crisis. And while most of the world is still trying to come to terms with the grim reality faced by them, I am delighted to declare that the faculty at Mustifund Aryaans Higher Secondary School rose to the challenge and have provided the students with an alternative means of learning so as to not hinder their academic growth and development, as well as being mindful about the health and wellbeing of the students and staff alike.

They have done a marvelous job of equipping their already supremely skilled teachers with the knowledge of online teaching making this an unstoppable combination. They have truly brought a revolutionary change in how we perceive education and have allowed us to study in the comfort and security of our own homes.

The teaching, non-teaching staff, and the quality of content being taught have not disappointed us and we have got what we asked for, the best. The teaching methods utilized are such that I do not miss a single moment of being in class surrounded by students and at the same time can clear all my doubts, making online learning a truly satisfying experience. However, there were some initial connectivity glitches that were quickly overcome and it is safe to say that I am thoroughly enjoying learning via Zoom. Though nothing can come to par with the tried and tested “offline” education practiced over the centuries and I cannot wait for college to start. In conclusion, I am utterly grateful to sir. Vyankatesh and his team for giving us a ray of hope during these trying times and for showing us that knowledge will always be available to those who seek it!

Yogja Tiwari – Class XI

Yogja Tiwari

“When there is a will, there is a way”

We generally make a lot of promises to ourselves every day such as to complete a painting, finish our homework, exercise, etc. but due to some of the other restrictions, we are not able to complete our daily goals. Nowadays, our goal is to excel in studies, crack entrance exams like KVPY, JEE, and NEET and enter top universities like IIT and AIIMS. And now, the covid 19 pandemics is acting like a big wall between us and our goals.

But here in Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School, teachers are helping us break those walls by conducting online classes. As you all know that nothing can be compared to offline classes, but here in Aryaans, teachers are trying their level best to make us understand everything and even helping us by clearing our doubts just like any other normal offline class. The portion of class 11 is quite different from what we have studied earlier but the teachers help us and make us enjoy all new challenges as if they were a piece of cake.

At last, I would like to thank each and every teacher especially Vyankatesh sir to make us love our subjects and help us achieve our goals even with the pandemic on our head

Disha P. Sawant – Class XI

Disha P Sawant

I believe that good teachers can bring out the best in students, whatever the limitations may be. This statement has been proven right to a great extent by the faculty members of Mushtifund Aryaans Higher Secondary School during this stressful and unpredictable phase of the pandemic-stricken world.

Being honest, I have had questions regarding the quality of teaching of the classes being online. Moreover, I always feared that I would not have the privilege to experience the highly acclaimed techniques and styles of the faculty through an online medium. However, all my assumptions, rather providentially, stand falsely assumed. In spite of these difficult times, our director continues to find ways to inspire us by having personalities, highest in their verticals to interact and motivate us. With so much to learn and no time to waste traveling to school, online lectures give you the sweet balance of not missing out on exceptional schooling and enough time to freshen up your mind.

Furthermore, these three weeks of acquiring knowledge and guidance from the prestigious school through online classes, as a student, do not let you feel like you are missing out on better education.

Aariz Shaikh – Class XI

Aariz Shaikh


Ever since the pandemic began, all aspects of human life became exuberant and unforeseeable, including academics. For me, it all began when all examinations were temporarily canceled in India. As a student of tenth grade, I was in a disconcerting situation. I didn’t know whether to unwind and enjoy the vacation or to stay focused and continue studying. However, one thing was quite clear from the onset-NO MATTER THE CRISIS, ARYAAN STUDY CIRCLE WOULD NOT ALLOW IT TO DISRUPT THE EDUCATION OF ITS STUDENTS.

As was expected from an institute of such repute, Aryaan Study Circle commendably rose to the occasion and decided to conduct online classes. This came as a relief to all of us who believed that ‘a day without learning is a day wasted’. The prospect of learning virtually through a screen was new and exciting. All of us, teachers and students alike, prepared ourselves for the challenges that lay ahead.

When the online classes began, the interaction, the pressure, and enjoyment of learning was as much as in the classroom. We, the students, with the guidance of the teachers quickly adapted ourselves to the world of virtual learning and used the online portal to our advantage. Even though we were miles apart from the teachers, the laughter of the classroom, the competition among the students, and the passion of the teachers never wavered. Headed by the vision of the champion that is Sir VPD, the teachers were able to make the students believe that they could achieve their dreams to the fullest and more, in a world with COVID-19 or without.

Purnanand alias Mohak Audi – Class XI

Purnanand Mohak Audi

If you cannot run, then walk. If you cannot walk, then crawl. But never stop moving towards your goal.

Such has been the approach of Mustifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School (MAHSS) towards giving the best to its pupils. In times wherein sitting close to each other in the classroom and watching the teachers deliver live lectures can be perilous, MAHSS has enabled its pupils with quality education through online classes. The teachers and the management has risen admirably well to the challenge put up by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online learning is becoming the ‘new normal’ during these unprecedented times. However, one must be aware of the fact that it is not at all a child’s play for a teacher to shift and adapt to this new method of teaching. But as always, the brilliant and determined faculty of MAHSS has provided the best possible to their pupils. Learning can be tough, but to teach and ensure that everyone has learned is even more difficult.

I would thus like to thank our director Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudessai who we all know as VPD sir and also all the teaching as well as non-teaching staff of MAHSS for providing us with the best possible even when the world is going through such onerous times. Your compassion, patience, teachings, and your strenuous efforts hold the utmost value in our hearts. In conclusion, I would like to affirm the fact that if you are determined and ready to put in efforts, the road of MAHSS will definitely lead you to the best destination. A big thanks from me to MAHSS once again.

Sanskrati Saxena – Class XI

Sanskriti Saxena

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus in 2020, the entire world has come to a halt. Schools all over India have been shut down for an indefinite period of time putting the future of thousands of students at risk. But just like for every lock there is a key; every problem has a solution. The Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School has adopted the online method of teaching in these testing times. A team of dedicated and ardent teachers have taken up this challenge and have been highly successful in tackling it too. A concept is explained very precisely by every teacher, till every single student understands everything. Assignments are given regularly to ensure the students’ understanding.

The online lectures have also opened the doors for many interesting and motivational interactive sessions with renowned personalities of the world. In this way the safety of the students and a secure future, both are being ensured by the Aryaans faculty. I would like to thank our director, Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudesai, for his relentless efforts to set up these classes for us and promise him to work hard every day.

Pradneya Prabhudesai – Class XI

Pradneya Prabhudesai

The world received a setback due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The economy crumbled. The education sector was also severely affected.  Exams were postponed and students were anxious for their admission. Mushtifund Aryaan HS School was one of the few institutions whose plans were not faltered by the pandemic.

Our mentor Vyankatesh sir wasted no time and started online classes right after Goa Board exams were over.  I was excited about the classes and the superb faculty of Aryaan Study Circle did not disappoint me.

The teachers quickly adapted themselves to the new circumstances and began to tutor us as if nothing was amiss. Many students were facing internet problems but the teachers and students co-operated among themselves and covered up everything. I am also proud to proclaim that the teachers used digital pens and whiteboards to give a realistic feeling. Vyankatesh sir also bestowed upon us the opportunity to meet the great minds of India like Padmavibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Prof. Rajkumar Pant, and many other Ex. Aryaan students. I am privileged to be a part of this magnificent family and would cherish every moment of it.

Atharva Lotlikar Class XI

Atharva Lotlikar

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted the flow of the current academic year but also, has led to the postponement and cancellation of various examinations nationwide. In such desperate times both, technology and the superb faculty present at Mushtifund Aryaan Higher Secondary School have proven its merit. The journey of virtual learning so far has been simply outstanding for an eleventh grader like me. The classes go on so smoothly that I am forced to admit that this is the only and the very best alternative we have for the beloved classroom.

Furthermore, my teachers make the classes very interactive so that it doesn’t become a one-way communication. We are also given breaks in between classes so we can take a moment off the screen. I can attend my lectures and complete my assignments sent electronically, with no need to fight traffic, leave early for school, or miss out on important family time and precious study hours. I personally felt I have fewer distractions and hence a greater ability to concentrate during the online lectures. Even if I have connectivity issues, I don’t have to worry as the management makes sure we get recorded lectures daily.

So far it has been a thrilling yet enriching experience for me and my friends being a part of the virtual classroom and, will continue to be until we resume physical classes.  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” -J.R.R. Tolkien (from the Fellowship of the Ring)

Parth Naik – Class XI

Parth Naik

After getting admission into Mustifund Aryaan higher secondary school, I was desperately waiting for the classes to commence. But the future had its own plans, this pandemic postponed our scheduled classes from 13th May 2020 to 3 June 2020. That too online classes. I had no idea how it would work. I was worried if the classes would work effectively without any interruption or not. Finally, classes started on 3rd June 2020. Till 3rd June 2020, I didn’t have many hopes about online classes. But to be frank from 3rd June 2020 to date I have no reason to say no to online classes. They are working so smoothly and effectively. The online classes of Aryans are as good as physical classes.

Hats off to the Director of Mustifund Aryaan Higher Secondary school Mr. Vyankatesh Prabhudesai sir and his entire faculty and other staff members who made it possible. They are taking great efforts to make us comfortable and help us benefit academically. One of which is interactive sessions with great personalities of India. It will surely keep us motivated to do our best for the next two years.

The staff members are ready to help us if we miss anything due to connectivity issues. We get the recorded lecture the next day. So if any student couldn’t attend the online lecture due to any reason that students can watch the recorded lecture. So if I am asked, I can continue comfortably with online classes for the next 23 months to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic. Anyone who is passionate will do his best in any conditions. I am enjoying each and every day, my favorite subjects, and of course our super talented faculty.

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