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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Fame Ram Kapoor Having His Holiday Home in Goa Owns Fourth Home in Alibaug

After Goa the Alibaug is getting more popular amongst the Bollywood celebrities. Most of the leading film stars have their holiday homes in Alibaug
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Ram Kapoor Holiday Home at Alibaug
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Ram Kapoor of ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’ fame purchased his fourth home, a vacation home in Alibaug, to accomplish his wife, Gautami Kapoor, dream. After working in the industry for so many years and achieving such great success in his career, Ram has now gifted himself and his family another luxurious home where they can spend their weekends or vacations.

He previously owned three properties: a luxurious home in South Mumbai and holiday homes in Goa and Khandala. In addition, he purchased a new vacation home in Alibaugh for a staggering Rs. 20 crores. Let’s take a look around his Alibaugh home, which blends wellness and luxury. Here’s a picture of his new home!

In an interview with ETimes, he explained, “I have holiday homes in Goa and Khandala, so there was no reason to find one more. But, since 2017, I was looking for a property, which would be an extension of my home in South Mumbai, and now, given the quick access to Alibaug, I thought it would be a good idea to buy this home.”

The Living Room is a Visual Treat.

The living area of Ram Kapoor’s sprawling abode is decorated in muted colors and offers a stunning view of the garden area and lush lawns. As a result, it is an ideal location for Ram to spend his weekends or a short vacation with his wife, Gautami Kapoor, and children, Aks Kapoor and Sia Kapoor.

Sussanne Khan crafted the décor of this Aangan at Aavas property, which was also highlighted in an Architectural Digest issue last year. The interior designer has added her natural chic touch to the ultra-luxurious property, which features spacious living areas and a stunning private pool as its main draw. It incorporates integrated technology to help homeowners improve their quality of living.

Villa of Four

There are four luxurious bedrooms for each member of the family, and it appears to be nothing less than a five-star hotel. A groomed lawn leads into the four-bedroom villa, which defines ‘raw luxury’ in the truest sense, which is built on a one-acre plot.

Greenery and Spacious

The exterior of Ram Kapoor’s new Alibaug villa is filled with greenery and is very spacious. The swimming pool is so large that it can be seen from both the living room and one of the bedrooms. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take a refreshing dip in the private pool.

Dining and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen in Ram Kapoor’s Alibaug residence are as sleek as the rest of the house. Not to mention huge windows, which add to the house’s vibrancy. Furthermore, if one opens the windows, the foliage outside is so thick that one can easily relish the fresh air from outside. The dining area exudes elegance, which is mirrored in the home’s high ceilings, open layout, and wood and stone material palette.

Ram Kapoor revealed that he purchased the Alibaugh homestay with long-term plans in mind so that his grandchildren could spend weekends there as well. He finished by saying:

”The plan was to find a place that wouldn’t be too far where I could relax on weekends with my family. Goa and Khandala are great, but they are not close to home. It was a dream to buy a home where I can see my grandchildren enjoy their time.”

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