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Rash Driven Buses in the State Have Become Monster Killers On The Goan Roads

There are hundreds of cases reported in the various police stations of Goa wherein the buses have driven rashly have been involved in fatal
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There are hundreds of cases reported in the various police stations of Goa wherein the buses have driven rashly have been involved in fatal accident. The privately operated buses swinging on the roads of Goa had always ended up in the fatal road accidents and in most of these cases killings innocent people who were unaware.

In one such recent case, a fully loaded bus was on its way from Bicholim to Usgao Tisk when it collided with the oncoming Ford Fiesta vehicle resulting into the instant death of two occupants and leaving one seriously injured.

According to the sources, the unfortunate incident took place at Usgao in North Goa on Sunday evening. The local news daily Heraldo reported that the impact was so severe that two youth out of total of three passengers in the car died on the spot.

The bus was packed when the accident took place and the driver was speeding up madly without any control said the sources.

According to the reports when the accident took place, the Bus was overtaking another vehicle in a rash and negligent manner and subsequently rammed into the oncoming Fort Fiesta at Kelini Usgaon.

According to the Navhind Times, bus and a Ford Fiesta car collided against each other resulting in the fatalities. The bus was proceeding towards Usgao from Bicholim with around 20 passengers on board, while the Ford Fiesta car was proceeding towards Bicholim via Usgao with three occupants in it, including the driver.

The intensity of the collision was such the car got jammed trapping the victims inside. The image of this fatal accident surfaced on social media, wherein the car can be seen fully jammed into the bus. It is suspected that both the colliding vehicle approached each other with high speed which resulted in a fatal collision. 

According to Digital Goa, there were three occupants in the car, out of which two died on the spot and the third occupant was grievously injured. Car occupants – 35-years-old Sunil Ratnakar Naik from Usgao and 26-years-old Lorenzo Gonsalves from Dharbandora – died on the spot while another occupant was admitted in GMC in critical condition. 

The spot of the accident soon was filled with people and it was learned that the bus was packed with passengers and the driver was apparently trying to overtake another vehicle when it collided with the Ford Fiesta.

Eight passengers out of 20 traveling in the bus, including one Anand Mayekar, a journalist working for daily Gomantak, suffered injuries in the accident. He reportedly suffered head injuries. While Mayekar and another woman were treated at the Primary Health Centre, Usgao, six others were taken to Goa Medical College Hospital at Bambolim.

Following this accident, the bus driver identified as Rajaram Toraskar (38), a resident of Tisk-Usgao, surrendered to the Police and has been arrested for negligence and rash driving. Further investigations are still being carried out by Ponda PSI Ajit Umarye.

The accidents are cases are not taken seriously in our county and the accused gets bail second day from the court and the same accused gets behind the wheels searching for another prey, this is a sad state of an affair and there is a serious need in the change of law. The accidents of this magnitude need to be treated seriously and the accused needs to be given serious punishment for taking the lives of people.

Image Source: Digital Goa

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