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Now Do The Tenant Verification or Goto Jail; New Bill Introduced in Goa

According to the new bill, onus remains on the owner of the property to verify the bonafides, and inspect their photo identity before entering
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Tenant Verification
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Tourism is a major source of Income for Goa and Goan. When tourism becomes a major business, automatically people from all over starts flooding down to take the share of it and thus increase in renting out of the places. But here there is a catch, Goa government seems to have taking the tenant verification very seriously and here onwards if you are the landlord and offering your premises to the tenants, you need to be careful, or else it might land you in the jail, how? Read here…

According to the new “Goa Tenant Verification Bill 2021, that was introduced in Goa Assembly on Monday, has proposed the stringent penalties for those fails to verify the tenants with the police. 

According to a new law, the violators will face unto 6 months imprisonment terms and will have two pay the fine of ups Rs. 10,000.

According to the new bill, onus remains on the owner of the property to verify the bonafides, and inspect their photo identity before entering into the agreement with them for providing them with the accommodation. 

What is Tenant Verification and How To do That?

The tenant verification starts with a process of verifying the authenticity of the tenants with the help of their documents, such as election card, driving licence, Aadhaar card, or any other document issued by the state/central government.   

The police department comes into the picture since it comes under the power of District police who is entitled to maintain the full records of the people who migrated from their native places to other cities for pursuing studies, jobs, businesses. 

Goa gets more than 6 million tourists coming during the season and so you can gauge the amount of people migrate into Goa in the search of work in various sectors of the tourism industry and thus the tenant verification becomes Mandatory as you do not know the background of each person coming down to Goa in search of job or vacation. 

Anti Social Elements 

One of the main reason of the tenant verification is to keep a tab on the anti-social elements and criminals who keep migrating from one place to another to hide from the police and judiciary system. The process of tenant verification helps in getting the detailed background of the tenant. 

According to the police, the owner of the property has a right to examine the documents, and legal papers of the person whom he allowed to stay or do the business activities. The documents allotted by government such as Aadhar card, PAN Card, Driving License etc and owner can also demand the details of tenant’s employment and business activities in some cases. 

The Verification Process 

The verification process includes, the latest photo of tenant, his name, and native address, phone number, vehicle registration number, passport number and any other document. The verification form also include the details of the tenants family members, the servants employed in the house and thumb impressions of the tenant is mandatory. 

What is The Role of The House owner in Verification? 

The house owner is the main source through whom the police officer of that particular area gets to know about the n details of the tenants and servants who migrated from the other states to Goa and residing in their area. The police issued the order under the section 144 (power to issue order in urgent cases of nuisance of apprehend danger) of CrPC bound a house owner to furnish the information of his/her tenants/ servants with the area police station.

The waiting Period

According to the law there is no specific waiting period for the tenant verification, earlier it is done is better but police allows the time period of 15 days to the Ônwér of the house to voluntarily file the tenant verification with the concerned police station before taking any action. 

How Get Tenant Verification Done

There are various ways to get the tenant and servant verification done and one of them is contacting he nearest police station and collect the form of Tenant Verification and get it filled with the details of the tenant and once it is filled the owner can submit the same with the nearest police station. 

The other option is to download the form from the website and submit it with the police station after filing it with complete details. Thereafter the police will do physical verification of the premises and tenant before proving the clean chit. 


“Every owner shall maintain a record of such a tenant and shall submit such information, in such form and in such manner and to such officer, as prescribed,” the bill said.  The tenant verification will not only help police to track down the anti social elements but it will also keep you and your loved ones safe from any untoward events. The new bill will not only strengthen the Tenant Verification process but it will also provide the better security to the residents in a view of huge number of tourists visiting the state and staying in the rented premises. It may be tedious process but it is worth doing it. 

Please tell us what you feel about this article, is the information provided herein is helpful, or you need any more info on the same? 

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