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No Registration Charges For the Electric Two Wheelers, Announces Goa Government

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Electric Two Wheelers
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Goa joins the list of Indian states that have opted to promote electric vehicles in the state. In order to woo the riders to shift to electric vehicles, the government has announced a new set of incentives under the “clean mobility scheme “.

These are some of the incentives approved by the state government to facilitate the bikers to switch to electric vehicles. 

  • Waiver of registration charges to reduce electric two-wheelers cost by 5 percent
  • Buyers to be offered cash incentives and subsidies on lease programmes
  • State Government to also offer incentives to scrap old two wheelers
  • A cash incentive that works like a buyback programme. 

According to Nilesh Cabral, Goa’s Minister of Power, Environment, and New & Renewable Energy, the clean mobility program will be applicable for the first 10,000 electric two-wheelers sold in the state, which will reduce 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year and remove 10% of the polluting vehicles off Goa’s roads.

The electric two-wheelers will take 3-4 hours to get fully charged and run 100 km on a single charge. The state government is also in the process of installing easily accessible public charging stations throughout Goa.

“Goa is a biker’s destination. We have close to a million two-wheelers in Goa, comprising almost 70% of the state’s vehicle population. These will be converted into electric two-wheelers or e-Bikes by CESL. As these e-Bikes run purely on electricity, they do not cause emissions and are therefore environmentally friendly.” said the Power Minister emphasizing the importance of ushering in electric two-wheelers in Goa. 

The clean mobility program is implemented by Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), which is also working on making solar power chargers for these two-wheelers. A 100% owned subsidiary of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), CESL is a new energy company focused on delivering clean, affordable, and reliable energy.

CESL has been at the forefront of electric vehicle development in India, supporting the transition in bringing innovative business models, and providing the implementation for accelerated roll-out of electric vehicle charging units.

Mahua Acharya, CEO, and MD, Convergence Energy Services (CESL), said, “Electric vehicles are at the forefront of the global agenda to move towards a sustainable future, and CESL is leading several initiatives in India to promote faster EV adoption under the national e-mobility programme. We are proud to partner with the Goa government for promoting e-mobility in the state.”

So far, three high-capacity combo EV chargers of 122-150kW, Type 2 AC standards have been installed in Goa, charging long-range EVs such as Hyundai Kona, Tata Nexon, and Maurice Garage (MG). Installation of Bharat Standard DC001 EV chargers is being planned adjacent to these existing chargers for recharging moderate-range EVs such as Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito. These installations will be completed in February.

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