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Taking Advantage Of Sudden Rains Local Vendors Raise The Prices of Vegetables

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Local Vendors Raise The Prices of Vegetables
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The unexpected heavy rains that are lashing the state has brought an added pressure onto the local citizens, as citing heavy rains, prices of vegetable supplies at local markets have skyrocketed. 

Locals have begun to feel the pinch, as prices have gone up drastically during the last two days. Prices of vegetable supplies such as onions and potatoes have gone up, with prices of onions almost touching Rs 80/kilo, while at certain places it is even Rs 100/kilo.  

The sudden jump in prices in the state is believed to have multiple reasons, however, sudden rains, along with so-called reduced supplies from neighbouring state has been widely stated as the prime reason. 

However, local citizens have been alarmed as the prices have hit the roof with no control whatsoever. 

As per information available, as mentioned, onions are being sold anywhere between Rs 80-100/ kilo, while potato prices range from Rs 50-60/kilo. Chilies and coriander too, have been priced on the higher side these days. 

Local vendors have claimed that supplies from neighbouring Belagavi and Karwar have been on the decline in the last two to three days, and as such, the prices have gone up. Over the last week, excessive rains in various parts of the country meant large scale crop damage, and as such, a severe shortage of onions has been noticed in local mandis outside Goa. 

Many households in the state have raised alarm bells on these high prices, with some even considering not to use onions in daily meals till the prices drop. It is learnt, that the prices of vegetables are expected to be on the higher side at least till early November. Maharashtra and neighbouring states have suffered huge crop losses, and as such, a steep decline in production is felt in wholesale markets. 

Goa heavily depends on the neighbouring states for its vegetable supplies, and with supplies hit, prices have been hiked. Several vendors in Panaji and Margao have attributed the price hike due to low supplies. 

“The prices are very high, and at such rates, common and middle-class people will obviously find it difficult to manage their daily vegetable supplies. It may be a price hike of some amount, but with this pandemic, many families are struggling financially,” said one local resident. 

Many households have even decided to cut down on the number of onions used daily. “We will slowly consume less because, at this rate, one cannot afford to keep buying vegetable stocks, and we’ll have to learn to manage,” said another resident. 

However, many locals are fumed that amid all this, it is the vendors who are making huge profits. They claim that the vendors produce these supplies at cheaper rates, and now with supplies less, they are making the most of it by increasing the prices sharply.

According to national reports, it is learnt that across the country there has been an increase in demand for onions and other vegetable produce. Many say that the situation will continue for a while, and will only improve once the second batch of harvest arrives from states like Rajasthan and parts of Maharashtra.

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