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Goa Governor Compares India’s Selfish Rich People with Bag of Rotten Potato

You might have heard the stories of the rich Philanthropists from the US and other developed countries who use a big chunk of their
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You might have heard the stories of the rich Philanthropists from the US and other developed countries who use a big chunk of their wealth for social cause and betterment of human beings but how many Indians are in that list? May be some or maybe none? why? There is no answer! While speaking at the closing ceremony of the 50th IFFI Governor of Goa Satya Pal Malik compared the Indian Rich people with the Bag of Rotten Potato saying that they do not spare even a penny for the charity.

Mr. Malik was soaking on the closing day of IFFI and he urged the Indian Film Makers to strip naked such people who exploit the poor Indians but do not spend a penny on any sort of charity work. Earlier the landlords have been exploiting the poor people in the country to fill their wealth, and now the new age businessman exploiting the people of India and filling their kitty, he asked the filmmaker to make films on “The New Age Exploitation”    

“All big names around the globe, be it Sir Bob Geldof or the Microsoft guy (Bill Gates), donate a large part to charity. But I do not even consider the rich men from our country human beings. I consider them to be a bag of rotten potatoes from whose pockets not a paisa is spared for charity. I want filmmakers to attack this section of society,” Malik said at the closing ceremony of the 50th International Film Festival of India (Iffi).     

Revealing that he himself had come up the hard way, his father passed away when he was only two and a half years old—Malik said the poor, the unemployed, army men and farmers were in need of attention.      

“A lot of things are happening in India that are not being shown (in films). You sit here and make speeches that we feel this and that for our Army. There are people who live in 14-storeyed houses. Their dogs live on one floor, their drivers on another, but they do not give a paisa for army men,” he said.    

The day the army’s corpses come home, the entire district’s officials go there. After the funeral, no one goes to inquire about the widow and her child. These people with 14-storeyed houses do not give a paisa in charity for their education,” Malik said.   

You should exclude Tata, Azim Premji, Nadar and many more. They are contributing an unimaginable amount of money. And include Adani, Ambani and many more to loot the country and lead a lavish life.

The days of landlords are no more there now and they have almost got extinct from society but the new age capitalists are even more worst than the old age landlords. “Now there are no landlords for you to attack who are carrying out atrocities. I am telling you about a new breed. Attack these people in your films. Help youth, help farmers. With this, society will surely change. Not even books can have the kind of impact films can have. It is a small prayer that you should strip this truth naked. Create a sense of disgust in the minds of people for persons like these,” Malik said.

Source: TOI

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