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Finally, CCP Takes Action Against ‘Ros Omelette’ Carts Operating Near Don Bosco School Panaji

After operating for more than one and half year and clogging the drainage with the tons of waste, finally, the Ros Omelette carts have
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After operating for more than one and half year and clogging the drainage with the tons of waste, finally, the Ros Omelette carts have been finally removed by the CCP following the multiple complaints of Dumping the food waste in the drains, surprisingly Municipality took more than one year to realize the ill effects of the carts opening near the school premises! 

According to the reports, The CCP raided the place after they received multiple complaints from residents in the vicinity as well as from Don Bosco school of the stench emanating from the area.

The CCP mayor assured that the corporation will take action against the cart operators after the meeting. “We will have a meeting and decide what action can be taken against them. We will either impose a penalty or cancel their license,” CCP mayor Uday Madkaikar said.

The area near Don Bosco School became famous as Mid Night Food Alley following the installations of food carts almost one and a half years back hundreds of local residents, students and nightcrawlers were feasting on the famous Ros Omelette on a daily basis.  

Ros Omelette Stalls Near Don Bosco School (Image Credits: JoeGoaUK)

Soon after the multiple complaints from the residents and school administration, the CCP decided to take action against the cart operators. “A team was sent and they found the drains filled up with chicken bones and food waste with a rotten smell,” Madkaikar said, adding that the vendors were recently warned and their operations stopped for four days after complaints were received.

It is not the case that CCP was not aware of the prevailing situation, in fact, there were collecting the waste generated by the carts on a daily basis. “We have been collecting their waste regularly. They are unfortunately repeating this behaviour. People’s health is at stake,” said the mayor adding that Babush Monserate allowed them to operate on humanitarian grounds, but they cannot carry out their business by inconveniencing others.

The place is in a very shabby state and full of mosquitoes, said Madkaikar. The CCP’s town vending committee is in the process of identifying the new location to relocate the food carts, said the sources. 

The CCP mayor also agreed blamed the flooding in the areas near Don Bosco on the Food Cart vendors who clogged up all the drainages in the vicinity with the food waste and garbage. “We told them we would provide them with garbage collection and water, but it is their responsibility to keep the place clean,” Madkaikar told reporters.

According to the reports, there were around 17 food carts in the Don Bosco area out of the total 92 food carts in Panaji city. The CCP has already seized around 14 food carts and left behind 3 carts selling soft drinks have been permitted to continue the business in the area.   

Source: TOI 

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