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Bungalow, Vehicle and Attractive salaries Offered To Goans For Applying Central Government Jobs

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Bungalow Car Salary
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A webinar was held last Thursday to encourage Goan students and graduates to apply for central government jobs in the state. During this webinar, an attractive starting salary for graduates, a bungalow and a car, and, importantly, no job loss amid the pandemic were some of the beneficial perks that were promised for those who aim for a government job. 

The webinar was also addressed by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who spoke about the opportunities in the field. He said the office of the Goa Accountant General had 64 vacancies at the graduate level that were non-transferrable and yet not a single Goan had applied for these posts. He said there were over 29 central government offices in Goa and they had positions to offer that was open to not just IAS officers.

In a state where a government job is considered a prized ambition, officials said that over the years, Goans had shown little interest in central government jobs in the state because they have been under the impression that these are transferable.

The students attending the webinar were informed that there were positions within the state and not outside. “When you try for jobs, try not only in the government of Goa but also in the government of India,” Sawant said. He also said that Goans cannot be upset over candidates from other states bagging jobs in central government offices in Goa if they don’t apply for these jobs.

“The Model Career Centre” of the Goa government, earlier seen as an employment exchange, has now been changed to a pre-counseling center to educate youth about the employment opportunities in various sectors and to encourage them to take up and apply for government vacancies. 

“We are focusing on central government jobs because there are a lot of opportunities. What are these opportunities, the books you need to read, the websites that will help you, the contact persons you will be informed about all of this. This is going to be an eye-opener webinar and this is just the beginning. We will organize more such webinars for you to inform you about opportunities in various sectors,” said Sawant. 

Deputy Accountant General Monisha T M, an IA&AS officer addressed the webinar listing out the benefits and perks of the All India Services. She explained her stance and views regarding the matter by revealing her personal experiences. 

She said that at the moment there was only one serving IAS officer in the country who was Goan but belonged to the Rajasthan cadre. She said her office had over 60 vacancies but no Goans had shown interest in these jobs as a result of which a majority of the people in the office came from other states. She also informed the students about the preparation, procedure and examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

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