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Is Goa Safe For Tourists? What are the Safety Tips? I am Staying in Anjuna

Is Goa Safe For Tourists? This is the first question that many tourists ask when they come to this beautiful tiny state. But the
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Is Goa Safe For Tourists? This is the first question that many tourists ask when they come to this beautiful tiny state. But the actual concern here is, why do they ask such question in the first place? Has Goa’s image become so tarnished that tourists doubt its safety measures? The above question was asked on Quora by one of the tourist staying in Anjuna, and we have written this article based on the extracts of the replies people sent on the Quora question. It is indeed a concern for the Government and stakeholders of the Tourism Industry of Goa. Let’s take a look at what others have to say on this sensitive issue.

The first reply to the question is based on the installation of CCTV Cameras on the beaches of Goa that was promised by the former Tourism minister Dilip Parulekar. The reply says that CCTV cameras are necessary on the Goa’s Beach Shacks to curb illegal activities taking place in the coastal belt. 

Even if you have never been to Goa, you must know about the beach shacks in Goa. Beach shack or the temporary coconut-leaf thatched eateries is what comes to mind as soon as you think of Goa beaches. They are enormously popular with the hundreds of thousands of tourists. While Goa has been known to be the “coolest” place in India, where every student aims to go to at least once in their college life (resulting in the formation of several WhatsApp groups, sigh!), it topped the list of India’s 28 states for crimes committed against foreigners in 2014; also, for the highest number of foreigners, 27, arrested under the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act last year.

Goa Government had Assured installation of CCTV Cameras on Beach Shacks (Source)

The claim that has been made in the above reply is very serious. What will Goa seem like to tourists who come to the State for the very first time?

Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said that it would be compulsory for all the shacks on Goan beaches to install CCTV cameras. This move is being undertaken to ensure the safety and security of the thousands of tourists who visit the beaches every day.

“The 353 beach shacks will be awarded licenses, only if they install CCTVs in their premises,” Parulekar has said. This is included in the newly drafted beach shack policy, which is currently in the process of being approved by the cabinet.

Against granting of annual licenses for beach shacks, the new policy will see shacks with allotted licenses to operate for a period of three consecutive years. But in reality, how many cameras have been installed is not available in public records at the moment. This important step should have been taken a while back.

While most of the countries all over the world are equipped with cameras everywhere, as a preventive measure against all kinds of crimes; India, on the other hand, lags behind. But, being completely aware of how obsessed our country is with moral policing, this idea of constant surveillance only increases the possibility of the police butting into people’s lives.

Installing CCTVs is not enough, maintaining their functionality is just as important. So many criminals, however minor or major the crime is, are unable to be traced because the cameras do not even work. Are they just a weapon to instil a tiny bit of fear in the minds of potential criminals?

The second reply comes from Vinod Sharma, who lives in Goa, he says that Goa is the safest place for domestic tourists as well as the foreigners. He says that Goa is no more part of Portuguese colony and one can visit this state just like one would visit any other states in India. In tips for safety, he advises the tourists to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

“Don’t start an unnecessary argument or physical fights with locals, always remember, you are not in your home state. In an unfortunate event you may find yourself at a loss because locals will speak in their mother tongue and you won’t understand what they are communicating,” he suggests adding that driving rash or under influence should be strictly avoided. Vinod also pointed out the practice of overcharging, duping and cheating tourists.

“Keep in mind most of the local trading is already in the control of migrant traders who come to the state to trade or have settled here. So you may encounter enough vendors who are from UP, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kashmir, Himachal, Tibet, Nepali or any other state. Lots of people from other States are in hotel/tourism industry jobs. As foreign tourists have dwindled, many of foreigners are Russians, Israeli, etc and they usually like to limit themselves in their circuits.” At the end, he claims that the Goans are very cordial and helpful in nature.

The last reply we’re looking into is by Divya Galangali. She remains very neutral as far as the safety in Goa is being discussed. She says that like any other place in the world the rule of safety applies to Goa too. She advises girls to not venture out alone at secluded places which they are unsure of.

“It is always advisable to have the local company or travel in groups. The same advice holds true for travelling at night. Mixing drinks are amazing, but not with anything that could put you in harm’s way. Cliched, but still true. Anjuna is a beautiful place, explore it – it’s views, the beautiful homes, and tuck into a plethora of delectable cuisine. From Burmese to French, you’ll find it all. Hope I was able to answer your question satisfactorily, with a little extra something. Goa is safe for everyone. Period.”

Going alone on the secluded beach is not advisable, always have company or travel in the group (Source)

With the kind of answers people have given about this our state, you are the best judge to decide what is good and bad about Goa. According to us, no person or a place is safe if you are in the wrong place at wrong time, and hence blaming the entire state or doubting its integrity is incorrect. Places are made up of people and the nature of people remains the same, regardless of its geography – and hence, to us, Goa is indeed incredible.

Do you have any such stories to tell, please do share with us your experience about Goa and we will publish them here.  


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