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The Great Italian Volleyball League

Italy is a country where fantastic sports are played. If you like cricket you can visit cricket now in order to wager on cricket
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Italian Volleyball League
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Italy is a country where fantastic sports are played. If you like cricket you can visit now in order to wager on cricket matches played all over the world. The Italian Volleyball League is an exciting competition that gathers some of the best players and teams from across the globe.

When talking about the Italian Volleyball League we are talking about the entire pyramid of competitions that are celebrated in this country. The 1xBet online betting platform features many of them. Some of the competitions that are part of the league include:

  • the SuperLega which is the highest level;
  • the Serie A2, which is the second level;
  • the Serie A3, which is the third level;
  • and the Serie B, which is the fourth level.

After the Serie B there are five other levels in Italian volleyball. Their organization is tasked to regional and provincial committees.

The entertaining SuperLega

As said before, the SuperLega is the top level of Italian volleyball. Don’t forget to bet and win – 1xBet can be used to wager on this competition too. 1982 was the year when the tournament adopted its current format. It starts with a round-robin, which is the regular season. After every team plays against each other, those who qualify into the next round and are relegated to the Serie A2 are decided.

The playoff stage is where the top eight teams of the round-robin go. Here is where they have the chance to continue progressing until eventually reaching the final. At 1xBet you can bet and win on all stages of the highly entertaining SuperLega.

The other levels

Those who finish in the last places of the SuperLega are relegated to the Serie A2. However, this competition is not easy. Still some highly talented squads participate in it. All the participating teams have a huge incentive to do their absolute best in order to get good results. You can make volleyball betting at 1xBet now, and wager on the entertaining Serie A2 as well. This incentive corresponds to the fact that the best performers can be promoted to the SuperLega.

Below the Serie A2 there are the Serie A3 and Serie B. The latter is the last level that is played at a nationwide scale. The Serie C and Serie D are located directly below the Serie B, and unlike it, they are organized at a regional level.

Finally, there are the Prima, Seconda and Terza Divisione, which can be translated as First, Second and Third division. Those tournaments are played at a provincial level. Making volleyball betting at the 1xBet bookmaker can be a winning choice including those played in Italy.

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