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Konkani Movie Mopa Diary To Unfold Its Mystery on Sunday at ESG Goa

The Konkani film industry is growing by the day with more and more quality contents adding to its kitty. The standard of film making
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The Konkani film industry is growing by the day with more and more quality contents adding to its kitty. The standard of film making has improved to quite an extent in the recent decade. The first Konkani movie that created the buzz in the state was Nachom-ia Kumpasar created history and the new generation of Konkani movies began since then.

The new flick of John D’Silva is Mopa Diary – The Mystery Unfolds in which he is playing a journalist brings some exciting secrets about the Mopa. The movie is supposed to premier 22nd August at Pai Tiatrist Hall in Margao and on 25th August 2019 at ESG Panaji.         

John D’Silva is playing the role of a TV news Reporter John Almeida who is accused of producing fake news and loses his job. His wife, exasperated with this, throws him out of the house.

After a drunken night, John falls asleep in the back of a pickup truck which drives him off to the remote village of Mopa. There the villagers respectfully address him as ‘Doctor’, and that is where the new journey of John as a reporter begins. 

The village landlord Janardhan, the doctor’s friend Martin, his girlfriend Rita, crazy Khemlo… all manage to further confuse John and digs the pit deeper for him. John’s instinct as a Journalist is aroused and the following questions crop up

What is hidden in the belly of the placid river flowing near Mopa? What’s going on? What crisis has come upon this apparently peaceful village? Is there a way out of this terrible situation?

This film is based on a social issue and is a purely entertaining film. John is known for his comedy and the emperor of the Konkani stage. The truth will only be revealed in this dramatic thriller film ‘MOPA DIARY’.

V.P. Sinari and sons have produced this movie and it is directed by Mahesh Rane who has also done the screenplay and dialogues of the movie. Music is given by Chris Perry, the legendary music composer of Goa and background music scored by Pravin Naik.    

The director of photography is Khushdeep Singh from Mumbai and the movie is edited by Sanjay Hosmane, Kettan Madiwale

Cast: John D’Silva, Antonet DeSouza, Satish Gawas, Anil Pedenkar, Pranjal Marathe. This 90-minute movie is shot in the scenic locations of Savoi Verem, Vangurme, Mulgaon, Thivim, Taleigao and Panaji.

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