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Your Guide On What To Wear in Goa If you Are Visiting For The First Time

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Dress Code in Goa
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Goa is a dream destination of every tourist and it features on everyone’s bucket list but if you are visiting this tiny little state for the first time, here is your guide on what to wear in the different places of Goa. There are guidelines as to what you can wear when visiting religious places, as well as beaches. While skinny-dipping in gowns and formals is uncomfortable, often even hazardous, at the same time, you cannot move around in the city in beachwear either! Here is a compilation of what to wear on your trip to Goa.   

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Exploring new destinations and cultures, indulging in good food and relaxing, and of course, clicking tons of great pictures! The pictures part of it, however, often comes off as a dilemma. For although we love to look good, dressing fashionably on every trip is a challenge.

We tend to focus most of our energies on making the booking, seldom giving thought to what we’d wear. For many others, fashion is not their first thought because they believe in packing light. This can become especially confusing for Goan tourists, with a wide range of places, right from beaches that call for swimwear to temples and churches which may require you to dress in a more conservative fashion, there’s everything here! 

Add to this, the funny Goan climate that can sometimes be sunny and grimy and at other times be pleasant, even chilly! There is a long list of things to consider before packing your suitcase, and this guide to what to wear when in Goa will help you pack light, pack right and still be on fleek!

Dress Code on Goan Beaches

Beach Wear in Goa

The first spot to address is, of course, the Goan favorite- beaches! Beaches in Goa are all about fun, adventure sports, classic ‘gram beach poses, and of course, delicious food at the shacks served with a side of live music! The beaches make for a very liberal destination as far as clothing is concerned. Goa in itself is a very unorthodox place and it is very normal and safe for women to relax under the beach umbrella in their swimwear.

Dresses are comfortable yet chic pieces of clothing. Boho dresses, sundresses, and maxi dresses blend perfectly with the Goan vibe. You can also opt for shorts and skirts which look very trendy paired with cute tank tops or t-shirts.

For those who like to go skinny-dipping, or even for those who don’t, bikini, monokinis, and tankinis are must-pack pieces! It is a good idea to pack a kaftan, sarong, or a knit poncho along for women carrying bikinis. This way, you can just wear this over your bikini while you chill at the beach. 

Coming to men’s clothing, beaches are again, rather hassle-free. You can pack just about anything right from shorts and shirts to t-shirt and tank tops. Swimming trunks are a must if you intend to go for a swim!

Whether men or women, it is strictly advised to not substitute their innerwear for good quality swimwear. Just like you wouldn’t go to a posh five-star restaurant in your house-clothes and slippers, beaches too, demand and deserve appropriate clothing. Besides, why miss an opportunity to buy those pretty floral prints, right?

The best part about beachwear in Goa is that you need not even carry it from home. Every beach in Goa has a long line of stalls that sell swimwear, dresses and sarongs, hats, scarves and everything you’d need for a fun and fashionable outing at the sea. For footwear, flats and flip-flops are an obvious choice for both men and women! Which also, can be bought locally at the beach shops.

Dress Etiquette at Religious Places in Goa

Dress Code in Church in Goa

Next, come the temples, churches, and other religious sites in Goa. They may lack the party vibe and may need you to cover up a little, but these architectural masterpieces are definitely worth the effort! Their history and beauty will leave you in awe, not to forget, give you some great aesthetic for Instagram!

It is advised for both men and women to be a bit more formally dressed. For instance, men can opt for loose full-length trousers and half-sleeve shirts. T-shirts are also completely fine, but tank tops are a strict no-no. Likewise, women can wear dresses and skirts which are knee-length or longer. When wearing skirts, it is advised to pair them with tops that have more conservative cuts and fittings.

If not, it is always a great idea to carry scarves along with you so you can cover up for the time you’re visiting the places of worship. They are both functional and also add a whole lot of pizzazz to your outfit. 

Going Around Goa

Dress Code While Travelling in Goa

In general, when exploring and going sightseeing, loose-fitting pants such as cargo pants or shorts are great options for men. For women, loose-fitted cotton pants or palazzos are a great option. These come in a variety of prints, colors, and styles so there is no dearth of choice there! And you can pair them with cute tops and accessories to create an eclectic outfit that makes heads turn!

Shorts are also a great idea for women. It is advisable to go for a mid-thigh length for the same, hot pants or booty shorts are not the best option here. Dresses are a perfect fit too but are not the most versatile as you can’t wear them on days when you have hiking plans. But in general, when it comes to bottoms to pick for goa, the knee-length rule is quite handy.

When it comes to footwear, flip-flops and sturdy sandals will get you through most of Goa. A good pair of comfy and trendy sneakers are also a good idea for a sporty look! Boots, although they look great and can be paired with several outfits, are not the best choice for Goa firstly, due to Goan heat which can make your boots feel uncomfortable and secondly, they are a big hassle especially when visiting beaches,

What To Wear When visiting Casinos and Nightclubs in Goa

Dress Code at Nightclubs in Goa

Lastly, if you are planning to visit the casinos and nightclubs, you can go all-out glam! Partywear dresses for women, and a well-tailored pair of trousers with a smart shirt or even a t-shirt for men, are go-to options. Most casinos are likely to pay attention to what you wear, so it is a good idea to be classy and chic. This is one place you can’t visit in your flip-flops, so you might want to sport a good pair of loafers or strappy sandals.

The Conclusion

Now for some key rules to keep in mind before you start packing…Goan climate can be humid and hot. So make sure to pack light and airy fabrics. Cotton and Linens are the best picks. Sunscreens, lip balms, and toners are a must to keep your skin and face looking healthy, clean, and fresh! The harsh sun, especially during long afternoons of sightseeing or chilling at the beach can be very damaging. A jacket or lose tunic of some kind is also a good pick, this will protect you from the sun without making you feel icky and sweaty under it.

How you dress whenever you’re traveling is important. This can affect your comfort, create an impression and reflect your personality. Looking stylish, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean walking around in a suit and tie. You just need to pack a few items that are both attractive and comfortable. Hopefully, with these tips in mind, you can be sure of looking your best, even when you’re living out of a suitcase! on vacation.

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