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This lockdown, Skill up yourself with Digital Marketing Course from Skill Studio

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The Coronavirus crises changed the perspective of the entire world towards the working environment. Today people have no other option but to stay at home. The industries are quickly adapting their marketing strategy from offline to online. Due to this prompt adaptation, learning digital marketing is the hottest career right now.

More and more marketing enthusiasts are taking up digital marketing courses as if it’s almost a race. Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but learning it from the right place is important. That is why we are here to help you choose the perfect digital marketing course to get you started in this vast field.

A one of a kind course by SkillStudio online is creating a lot of buzz, mainly because it is optimized completely for the Indian market and is crafted & taught by agency professionals that handle over 50+ clients every day.

Taught by six agency professionals, this course is shedding light on many unanswered questions and visiting many unexplored areas of the digital marketing world. For example, the ads on google and Facebook run quite differently in India compared to how it works abroad. Since so many people take courses optimized for a market abroad, they fail to apply this knowledge in the Indian digital scenario.

This digital marketing course is tried and tested for over a lot of years, for a lot of clients, involving a lot of money. So, they know the things that work and the things that do not.

In this 10-day digital marketing course, you will get introduced to the world of search engine optimization, Google AdWords and analytics, Social media marketing on Facebook, linked, Instagram and Twitter.

You’ll also get to learn email marketing with Mailchimp, influencer marketing & blogging. All this without breaking your budget. At only Rs 500/-  there is no better deal out there.

Oh, and we haven’t gotten around the best thing about this course, it is completely self-paced, that means you can watch it anytime, anywhere, for as long as you want. You’ll have instant and lifetime access as soon as you sign up and you also get a certificate upon completion of the course.

So, we hope you know how to make the best of your time during this quarantine. This lockdown, indeed, is a time to skill up.

What do we offer? The basics of Digital Marketing course

 –  Immediate & lifetime access 

  – Self-Paced Course

  – Watch anytime, anywhere

  – 6 Industry expert tutor 

  – Doubt clearance 

  –  Case studies with every tutorial

  -Certification upon completion

The Course includes the following

✔ Day 1: Basics of Marketing, Market Research – Research-driven content that introduces you to the exciting world of marketing

✔ Day 2: Introduction to Google Ads & Google Analytics – Explore the full potential of the most powerful search engine in the digital world. 

✔ Day 3: Social Media Marketing using Facebook – Find the right customer base and market like a pro in the world’s largest social media platform.

✔ Day 4: Social Media Marketing using Instagram – Understand the aesthetics, the science and the world of Instagram and how it can be the most powerful marketing tool. 

✔ Day 5: Social Media Marketing using Twitter – 250 words = A million possibilities. Discover the world of prompt marketing with Twitter. 

✔ Day 6: Social Media Marketing using LinkedIn – A community of professionals today, the biggest customer base tomorrow. Reach your digital goals with LinkedIn marketing. 

✔ Day 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Being on the top, indeed feels good. Learn how to rank above & beyond through Search Engine Optimization. 

✔ Day 8: Marketing on other Online Platforms (Includes YouTube) – Find where no one dares to look. Learn how marketing works on platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok.

✔ Day 9: Email Marketing with Mailchimp – Old is still Gold – Crack the full potential of email marketing with Mailchimp. 

✔ Day 10: Content Creation Tools for Marketing –

Extras- Access to Special E-Books

 5 Steps to generate new clients as a Social Media Freelancer

  How to get hired using Digital Marketing

 20 Ways to generate income using the internet

Book your seat today for just Rs. 500

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