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5 Myths about Goa Tourists Believe That Exist

Goa is not just your dream vacation but it is a fantasy that everyone wants to bring into reality. Many dreams of going to
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Goa is not just your dream vacation but it is a fantasy that everyone wants to bring into reality. Many dreams of going to Goa at least once in their lifetime and some even want to acquire property here to spend their retirement in this heaven. But regardless of what knowledge you have about Goa and Goans, there are many myths that most of the tourists believe are a reality.

The image of Goa has been quite misconstrued around the country. Thanks to Bollywood movies, the majority of Indians have an inaccurate picture of this state. They stereotype Catholic people around beaches and restaurants, wearing brightly colored floral-print shirts, and holding a guitar and singing happy songs. This isn’t completely wrong but Goa is certainly not just as portrayed in pictures and movies. Goan life is very different than what is perceived. It isn’t just about beaches and parties. Times have changed and Goa as a state has come a long way to make its mark on the face of India. Here we have compiled the top 5 stereotypes about this tiny coastal state that we need to break:

1. Goa is where to party

Partying Hard in Goa. (source: Thrillophilia)

We cannot blame people for thinking this. Of course, Goa hosts some amazing parties but that does not mean that every Goan is a party animal. It might be even surprising to know that most Goans have never been to the famous clubs and bars here but may be have on special occasions like New Year’s and Christmas. They too have jobs, go to school or college and have responsibilities.

2. Goans are laid-back and chilled

Relaxing in Goa (Source: TOI)

This isn’t too far from the truth. Goans are ‘susegado’ but not as much as you may think. Goans are often portrayed as people having fun 24*7: indulging in booze and food, playing the guitar by the beach etc. A lot of locals don’t even visit the beach though and are just like people in metropolitan cities: hustling to make ends meet. But hey, who wouldn’t love some good food, wine, and fun? Goa does have amazing festivals that people enjoy, but that does not mean they are totally chilled nor that they can all play instruments and sing!

3. Dry Season is an ideal time for vacation

Best Time to Visit Goa during Summer (Source: India Today)

Goa is different in every season, but that does not mean that only during the sunny weather Goa is charming. Goa is mesmerizing even during the monsoon. According to Lokaso, the monsoon in Goa has its own charm. It is the time when the land is greener, the temperature is cooler, albeit more humid, and the place oozes a feeling of freshness. It is an ideal time to discover the inner regions as well as the natural splendor. This state is home to amazing Portuguese era buildings, waterfalls, and landscapes that can be visited all year around. 

4. Goans are mainly Catholic and Goa is influenced only by Western Culture

Goan Catholic Wedding

It cannot be denied that Goa has drawn influence from its Portuguese dominance and have inherited their culture in several ways, bringing it into their cuisines, architecture, art and music. But it doesn’t mean that Goans are ‘western’: they are, after all, Indians. It is also a misconception that most people are Catholic but according to Goa Streets, the Goan population is not mainly Christian as often believed; only 26 percent of the people are Catholic. The majority of Goans belong to the Hindu faith, with Muslims, Jains, Buddhists and other denominations in smaller numbers. There are many temples that date back to ancient times. The culture of Goa is somewhat a mix between the east and the west which is what makes this state so unique.

5. Goa is the land of beaches and sunsets

Yes, but Goa is much more than that. The culture and the heritage of the place are immense and people often come here only to experience the beaches, clubs, bars, and parties, which is unfortunate because it has every ingredient to satisfy the hunger of every type of tourist. Goa is home to magnificent buildings and churches dating back to the Portuguese era. The forts are also worth seeing and Goa also has some of the most stunning landscapes, waterfalls, and wildlife to visit.

It is common to stereotype a place due to what a place is famous for. Goa is suited to every type of traveler and it is indeed unfair to stereotype this land and generalize it. So next time you plan for a holiday in Goa, you know the truth. 

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