Unaware of full fledged Portuguese Consulate exits in Goa, police sent him to Mumbai in Luxury Bus

This is one of the shockingly surprising stories wherein a Portuguese national, who was robbed in Goa with all his belongings, was found in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan police station. According to the reports, he was found roaming in front of the police station with just a short pant and no shirt on, and when inquired he revealed that he was sent to Mumbai by the Goa Police after he went to the police station with the complaint of getting robbed in Goa just a few days ago. What is the real story behind this? Take a look here…

According to the report published by the Times of India, the Portuguese national Diago Alexander was found on Churchgate Railways station by one Pankaj Chaudhary who spotted him sleeping on the railways’ bench with few clothes on his body. Thinking that the Diago needs a help, Chaudhary took him to the Azad Maidan police station in Mumbai.

According to the Azad Maidan police station, Chaudhary informed them that Diago lost all his belongings and Passport and had no money to eat. “He told us that Diago had lost all his belongings and passport and had no money to eat. We made a diary entry and informed Special Branch-2,” said the inspector Deepak Palau, who has been taking care of Diago.

The sources have revealed that SB-2is a part of Mumbai police who takes care of the supervision of airports, seaports, and FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration). They are also responsible for the verification of passport and decide on the applications.    

SB-2 officials checked with the Portuguese consulate and confirmed that Diago is a citizen of Portugal. Consulate officials said they were making arrangements to send emergency travel documents so Diago could be deported. Diago told TOI he was a native of Madeira and had come to India on December 18 on a tourist visa.

“After a few days in Delhi, I spent January in Goa holidaying. In February, some people in Goa robbed me of my belongings, including my passport and $4,000,” said Diago.

Another shocking incident which came into the light is, Diago had been standing in front of the Azad Maidan police station for almost 11 days and people who had seen him started wondering as what this long-haired, tattooed young foreigner doing in front of the police station when he was neither arrested not asked to report at police station. He was spotted moving casually about the place in his shorts, and sometimes without his shirt.    

The reality is, he has neither been arrested, nor detained, nor been called for questioning. He’s Portuguese national Diago Alexander and has been given shelter by the Azad Maidan police after some people in Goa stole all his belongings, his money, and his passport. His appearance, of course, is of one who truly set out to be on a Goa beach, said the report.

According to the revelation made by another cop of the Azad Maidan police station, after Diago was robbed by some people in Goa with all his belongings and cash worth USD 4000 he went to the Panaji police station to lodge his complaint and instead of helping him they put him in a Luxury bus and sent him to Mumbai.

“The Goa police wanted to help Diago by sending him at the Portuguese consulate in Mumbai as they seem to be unaware that there is a full-fledged Portuguese consulate situated in Panaji Goa itself,” he said.    

Diago has been eating and sleeping either near the lock-up or the station house. Once his documents arrive, he will be handed over to SB-2 officials, who will deport him to Portugal, said Vasant Vakhare, senior inspector, Azad Maidan police station.


  1. Assholes. Make a NO solicitation rule for all tourists. Put the assholes in jail. How is the poor guy going to get his stolen stuff and money?


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