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5 Reasons to Retire in Goa

Here we have 5 reasons, that make Goa the best retirement state in the country. Serene Beaches, low-cost living, natural resources, and high-quality lifestyle
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Goa is not only a dream destination for tourists but is also now a retirement choice for the rich and famous from all over India who are buying properties here and settling down. Right from Bollywood celebrities to well-known business tycoons, people are investing in huge properties in Goa. 

The beaches, relatively low-cost living, natural resources, and high-quality lifestyle have been attracting lots of high-profile foreigners and Indians to Goa for many years and now even upper-middle class folk have started buying properties in Goa lending to a booming property market in the state.

Here we have five reasons, amongst many others, that make Goa the best retirement state in the country. 

The Influence of Western Culture 


Educated and wealthy people want to live in places that have a balance of rich culture and custom and modern and somewhat Western influences and Goa are blessed with both of these giving it a reputation as one of the most modern cultures in the world. Goa has a fusion of Indian and Western culture which makes this place very special. The high-capita income and commendable level of literacy make this place even more appealing for those wishing to retire. 

Goa is perceived by many tourists from all over the world as heaven on earth. The Portuguese influenced architecture makes this place look like Rome of the east. Goa has a noticeable influence of Christianity due to the four hundred and fifty years of Portuguese rule but people of all religions live in peace and harmony. So if you are looking for rich culture, traditions, and easy-going attitudes, Goa is the right place for your retirement plans. 

The Real Estate in Goa

Image Credits: Sun Estates Goa

Everybody who plans to start anew anywhere will want to know the price of living and people come to Goa wanting to know the same. Real estate is the first thing people look to get an idea of. . Goa has some of the most tastefully made structures that range from Rs. 25 Lakhs (a studio apartment) to as much as 5 Crores (sea view Bungalow) so matches the budget of each person. Some of the well-known Real Estate companies have set up their projects in Goa and investment in Goa’s real estate is one of the best as it is always appreciating compare to any other places in the country. Goa’s Escala Realty offers some of the best options of Investment across the state. 

The Modern Healthcare Facilities 

Healthcare is becoming more sophisticated with time in the state of Goa. Earlier, only the option of GMC (Goa Medical College) healthcare was available, but with the time there has been a tremendous improvement in the healthcare sector in Goa. Huge brands have set up their hospitals and surgeries here with state of the art facilities. These hospitals are clean and highly hygienic in nature and a patient won’t feel like they are in a hospital at all… 

The other reason behind the healthcare boom in the state is the Medical Insurance Scheme run by the Goa Government that gives access to free medical treatment for up to Rs. 6 Lakhs for a family of four. That is quite an investment on the Government’s part. 

The Cost of Living 

If you don’t want to buy a property here, the cost of living in Goa is still something people need to consider before they retire here and that will depend on what level of investment you are planning. If you are planning to rent a place instead of buying, then you have many options on a long and short-term basis.    

According to the HuffPost article, many foreign retirees choose to rent and not own, thanks to an often-complicated visa process and widespread corruption. If you want to rent, North Goa is more expensive than South. All told, a couple should expect to spend about Rs. 70,000 a month on housing, food, transportation and so on, which is considerably lower than the average U.S. expenditure for a household per month. 

Siridao near Bambolim and Nachinola near Mapusa are up and coming retirement colonies for senior citizens and foreign retirees. Siridao and Nachinola are quite away from the busy, noisy tourist areas. The atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, safe and pollution-free. Goa’s famous real estate company Sun Estates offer some of the best options in Pilerne, Nerul, Candolim, Saipem and commercial spaces in Panaji. 

Food and Drink


If you are planning to retire in Goa, you do not have to think twice about the availability of good quality foodstuff as most of the departmental stores are well stocked with all range of Indian as well as western foods. 

Many superstores offer a variety of imported canned foods, virgin oils, livestock and fish in a very clean and hygienic atmosphere, with the well-trained staff to help you select the choice of wine you might be looking for, for weekend parties at your place. 

There are hundreds of specialized restaurants for Goan Fish Curry or Western food outlet and you can find an array of these at this link… 

Alcohol is very cheap and has a reputation for being safe and pure in comparison to other states in India and hence people prefer to carry stock from Goa. 

Whatever your plans may be for the future, Goa has some of the best options available for you, and you can peacefully retire in Goa feeling young forever.

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