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317 Europeans Airlifted out of 1600 Foreigners stranded in Goa due to the Lockdown

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In one of the latest developments that took place in the tourism sector of Goa, 317 Europeans have been taken off from Goa to Frankfurt amid of lockdown. This is just a fraction of the big number of 1600 foreigners who have been stranded in Goa due to the lockdown, said the report.

According to the reports, European tourists from Germany and other EU countries have taken off from Goa to Frankfurt on the early morning flight arranged by Goa State Government. The flight which took off from Goa airport has already landed in the Frankfurt, said the sources.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday told the reporters that many foreign tourists are stranded in the state and are being airlifted.

Meanwhile, according to another report, Nearly 1,600 foreign nationals are stuck in Goa, due to the ongoing 21-day nationwide lockdown in place in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said.

According to Sawant, special flights from Germany, Russia, and other European countries are expected to arrive in Goa, either on April 3 or 5 to ferry several of them back home.

“Around 1,600 foreign tourists are presently in Goa. I do not know how many are expected to leave by special flights from Germany, Russia and other European countries which are expected to arrive on April 3 or 4,” Sawant told reporters late on Monday.

“Those who want to leave and their Embassy has allowed them, we will be sending them back,” Sawant added.   

Earlier on Monday, AC Milan goalkeeper Begovich tweeted: “The 67-year-old mother of my close friend and agent is stuck in Goa, India along with hundreds of other British citizens. With India in total lockdown, it is becoming hard for them to source food and water”.

Meanwhile, The Goa government has set up nine camps across the state where foreigners and migrant workers have been put up and provided food.

Several hundred foreigners are also putting up in clusters in beach villages like Arambol, Morjim, etc, as well as in hotels awaiting exit. 

The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) has also announced safe passage to foreigners stuck in Goa from their place of residence to the airport at their time of exit from the country.

“Goa Police has ensured clear passage to all foreign nationals from hotels to the Dabolim airport. Foreign nationals are advised to contact their embassies and also get themselves adapted to the visa regulations and visa restrictions from time to time,” the FRRO said in a statement.

Source: News18 | TOI

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