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Skeletal Remains of a Freedom Fighter’s Wife Found in a Flat in Porvorim

Perhaps this is how life ends for the people who do not have anybody looking after them in old age. Padmashri Radhakrishna, a 56-year-old
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Perhaps this is how life ends for the people who do not have anybody looking after them in old age. Padmashri Radhakrishna, a 56-year-old lady was supposedly staying alone in an apartment at Porvorim following the death of her husband. She had no children and relatives who could take care of her and it is only when her skeletal remains were found in her flat, the reality of the scenario was exposed.      

According to the national daily, in a shocking incident, a skeletal remain of a 56-year-old lady was recovered from a flat in Porvorim. The deceased known as Padmashri Radhakrishna. The remains were identified to be a woman who was the wife of the late journalist and freedom fighter Vaman Radhakrishna. The reason behind her death is yet to be ascertained but according to the reports, she might have died around 4 months ago.

The polices sources have said that the deceased was living alone in a bungalow near Sangelkar supermarket in Porvorim adjoining the highway. The couple reportedly did not have any children or relative living in the house and her husband had been dead many years ago.

According to the Times of India, This unfortunate incident came to light just a few days back later when her brother tried to contact her. On realizing that there has been no response from Padmashri and was unable to get in touch with her, he decided to visit her. As Padmashri was not responding when he reached the flat, he informed the Porvorim police, who came to the site and broke open the door. They were shocked to find Padmashri’s skeleton inside and suspect that she had died more than three to four months ago, Porvorim PI Paresh Naik said.

According to Herald Goa, Porvorim PI, Paresh Naik informed that she was staying alone at a home after the demise of her husband. “The brother of this lady came and said that his sister is not responding to calls for the last four months. When we opened the house we found a skeleton on the floor in one of the bedrooms. The main door was found to be latched from the inside and there was no forcible entry made into the house. Hence no foul case is suspected as nothing in the house was robbed,” he said.

Speaking on the condition she was found, he stated that “She was undergoing treatment at IPHB at Bambolim. She must have died four months back and hence only bones were found,” Her husband had passed away in the year 2001 and the couple did not have any children. After failed attempts of contacting her from the period of four months, her brother decided to visit the residence only to find her dead.

A case of unnatural death has been registered on the wife of the former assistant editor of the Marathi daily Gomantak, at Porvorim Police Station under the section 174 IPC. The skeletal remains of the lady had been sent to the morgue at Goa Medical College, Bambolim. Post mortem will be carried out on Thursday to ascertain the cause of death.

According to Times of India, as possible reasoning to her death, the Paresh Naik added saying that “It appears that she passed away in her sleep,” as they found her lying on her bed.

This incident lays a close resemblance to the case of Joyce Vincent, a 38-year old British woman who was found dead in her flat and her corpse was found after 3 years.

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