Goans will be given First Preference in Beach Cleaning Jobs Instead of Ghatis

The word ghati is considered to be a derogatory remark against the outsiders coming into Goa. It is a common word and you can hear it from every next person who is a resident of Goa. Goa’s Tourism minister used this word for the beach cleaning workers from outside Goa but he made clear the meaning of Ghati in front of the media and according to him the word ghati is not a bad word, and it refers to the people who reside in the Ghats (Mountains). 

Addressing the migrants as “ghati” the tourism minister of Goa had assured that Goan will be getting first preference in the beach cleaning contract.

According to the report published on NDTV Portal Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Tuesday said Goans would be given first preference in an upcoming beach cleaning work contract and “ghatis” and outsiders would not be preferred for this.

The minister later said he used the word “ghati” only to refer to people who reside in the ghats (mountains). “Tomorrow, whoever wins the main tender, that person will execute the job. And preference will be given only for Goans first (for jobs). Outsiders, ghatis cannot come in. Goans will have first preference,” Mr Ajgaonkar told reporters while speaking about the tendering process of a beach cleaning contract being initiated by his ministry. 

When the reporters pointed out to him about the use of the derogatory remarks for the outsiders Minister said that “Ghati is not a bad word. Ghati means a person staying in the ghats,”

The word “ghati” is typically used in Marathi and Konkani languages to address migrant blue-collar workers, he added.

It may be recalled that the minister had on a earlier occasion also created a stir when he had demanded a ban on lamanis, members of a gypsy tribe who hail from central and southern Indian states, from coming to Goa and “setting up businesses and taking away jobs”. 

Meanwhile, around 67 Goan beach cleaning workers marched to the Tourism Department on Wednesday complaining that a beach cleaning contractor, Drishti, has sacked them and hired outsiders with double payment. 

There are many Goans working with Drishti in the past but recently they have removed the Goans and filled the vacate places with non-Goans, said the sources. 

The Goan beach cleaners were accompanied by NCP vice-president Rajan Satelkar and NGO Hope Foundation’s leader Andrea Pereira to press for their demands.

According to the reports, the Drishti had appointed them on a daily wages of Rs. 300 but sacked them without any notice and appointed the outsiders for the same work for Rs. 600 per day basis, said the sources. 

The tourism minister assured that the new tender process will help the local Goans instead of outsiders. Speaking about the tendering process of a beach cleaning contract being initiated by his ministry, Ajgaonkar said, “Whoever wins the main tender (for beach cleanliness), that person will do the work… preference would be given only to Goans first and outsiders – ghatis – cannot come in.”


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