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Goa Opens For Tourism With Restrictions Amid Lockdown In The State

Although the state government has allowed opening the tourism activities, the state is still under Curfew cum Lockdown till the 16th August 2021.
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Tourism Opens in Goa
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The Tourism industry of Goa that has faced huge losses due to the Covid Lockdown gets new life once again as the state administration allows to open the tourism activities in the state with some restrictions.

The state administration issued an order on Sunday, 8th August, stating that the curfew will remain in force till 7 am, 16th August which according to the earlier order was supposed to end on the 10th of August. However, a detailed order has not been released yet. 

CM Pramod Sawant has eased some restrictions regarding the opening of places and opened a majority of activities with several curbs in place. However, casinos are yet to be opened. 

The auditorium, spa, and massage parlors, waterparks, cinema halls, river cruises are yet to be opened for the public. Halls are to be filled by only 50% of their capacity. 

After months of awaiting a vacation to the coastal state, visitors can now finally make a trip to the wondrous land beside the sea as Goa has been reopened for visitors. 

But a vacation with restrictions is not everybody’s cup of tea. Many people are fascinated by the nightlife of this state, but a night curfew at 7 pm, will not be that fascinating for the tourists. 

The face mask acting as a barrier between the wind blowing beside the sea and the people seeking relaxation would not be that relaxing. 

However, the government of Goa has now made it mandatory for every visitor to show a fully vaccinated certificate or a negative RT-PCR report before they arrive in the state. 

Due to Kerala’s rising 3rd wave of coronavirus, it is also necessary for the tourists from Kerala to show a negative RT-PCR report even if they are fully vaccinated.

“The positivity rate of new COVID-19 cases in the state stands at 1.8 to 2%. A negative RT-PCR report or a vaccination certificate (both doses) is mandatory to visit Goa. We will put down new SOPs given the upcoming festivals.” CM Pramod Sawant said. 

Goa Airport Director Gagan Malik expressed that reopening Goa for tourists was a “good sign,” adding, “Aviation industry has suffered huge losses (due to COVID). In Goa, we had an average of 77 flight operations per day, which stands at 30 now. All airlines barring one have restarted their operations. 

One tourist told news agency ANI, “Goa govt is very alert. They are asking for masks everywhere and aren’t allowing anyone to enter without a negative RTPCR report.” 

Sunday, 9th August: The number of new home isolated patients being 42 along with 19 new hospitalized patients, the number of fresh cases in Goa is 61. The total number of active cases are 896 and around 148 patients have been recovered in the last 24 hours. Four unfortunate souls had also died yesterday due to the virus increasing the death count to 3164 along with 896 active cases. 

Referring to the COVID-19 figures, the AAP leader said,” The chief minister, who had very loudly proclaimed that 100 percent vaccination target will be achieved by July, has now moved the target to September. The Sawant government has not chalked out any plan on preventing the third wave from hitting the state or not made any announcements as to how they will prevent a repeat of the tragedy of the second wave.” 

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