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Action will be initiated against the Owners Sub-Letting the Shacks allotted to them, Says Tourism Minister

Subletting of Shacks is not the new story and every year hundreds of shacks have been sublet by the owners to the outsiders who
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Subletting of Shacks is not the new story and every year hundreds of shacks have been sublet by the owners to the outsiders who in turn then operates the same in the name of original owners. This practice is going on since ages but no action has been initiated in the past and this time it looks like the Tourism Minister has taken cognizance and warned the owners to refrain from such malpractices.      

Finally, after the new shack policy was finalized, the traditional operators have expressed their satisfaction as well as demanded that the government should take strict action against those who sub-let their shacks.

Shack Owners Welfare Society (SOWS) has urged the government to form a committee to examine such illegalities. However, Manohar Ajgaonkar the Tourism Minister said that shack owners should bring to the notice of the tourism department if any allottee indulges in sub-letting.

Speaking to TOI, Ajgaonkar said, “We will not allow subletting to happen. Action will be taken against such operators”

Cruz Cardozo, President of SOWS, said that with 50% weightage given for operators with 10 years and more experience, the practice of sub-letting will be curbed, but will not end entirely. “That’s why we want a committee in place to take action”, he said.

He further stated that some applicants seek licenses with the sole intention of sub-letting the shack. He also said along with renting their shacks and other businesses, sub-letting are rampant in Candolim and Calangute Beach stretches.

“I’m told that even up north at Arambol and Morjim beaches, the practice of sub-letting has picked up”, he said.

He informed that the rent for the season can be as high as Rs 5 lakh depending on the shack’s location.

Under the shack policy, it is mandatory for all allottees that all employees at shacks possess valid ID cards.

A shack operator in North Goa said while this should curb vendors from illegally operating on beaches the violation persists and necessary random checks by the tourism department rarely happens.

He further added that some vendors get temporary jobs at shacks with no wages, but are employed with the condition that they should be allowed to go on the beach to sell their goods when the cops are out of sight.

After these illegalities were brought to the notice of the tourism minister, he assured them of better checks during the upcoming tourist season.

The new shack policy allots 259 shacks in North Goa and 105 in South Goa. Out of these, 50% have been reserved for applicants with 10 years and more of experience, 40 % for applicants with 5 to 10 years of experience and 10% reserved for applicants with less than 5 years experience. The allocation will be completed by September end.

Though it is not sure if people will follow the instructions given by the Tourism Minster one thing is sure that many are not in business but they still apply for the shacks to sublet and make money, now only future will tell how what role the money plays in this game. What are your views??

Source: TOI

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