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Government Schools in Goa are lacking Quality Education

Education is the basic right of every citizen in our country regardless of their caste, creed and financial status but practically that does not
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Education is the basic right of every citizen in our country regardless of their caste, creed and financial status but practically that does not happen and the good quality education remains the privilege of few. Educational institutions are mushrooming in the state rampantly and the quality of the Government run schools degrades day by day. Is this the system we are looking for? The kids of poor people do not have a right to quality education? What is the government doing to improve the standards of education in the country?

Education plays a major role in every child’s life. It shapes the future of the child and moulds them into a better citizen of the country. When it comes to imparting Knowledge, there should be no room for compromises. Education demands quality and time but in recent cases, it is seen that these traits are lacking in Government schools of Goa. To know more about this, read on.

Speaking at an inaugural of a Government School at Naikawaddo, Calangute, DY Speaker and Calangute MLA, Michael Lobo stated about the need to improve the quality of education at the Government school.

He stated that education and Politics must not be mixed and the quality of education must be improved if expecting more students in Government schools.

The School building was at a poor condition with only 28 students and this building was taken up for renovation by the GSIDC at an estimated cost of rupees 40 lakh. Lobo said,

“To get back the confidence of parents in government schools, the government should improve the quality of the education imparted in these schools.”

Mid Day Meal for Government run school students

According to Navhind Times, Lobo impressed upon bringing about educational reforms and necessary changes in the system.

He said, “The issue of quality of education needs to be taken up. There should be a debate on the quality of education in the Assembly”.

He further continued stating that “Education has gone to a different level, and re-education needs to be introduced in these schools.”

According to Navhind Times, Lobo felt the need that along infrastructural improvement, there also has to be an improvement in educational standard in government schools. Speaking on the same, he said

“Teachers need to be provided training in order to improve the quality of teaching and bring government primary schools on par with private schools. However, this is not happening and, hence, Goan parents prefer to wait in queues to enrol their wards in private schools.”

According to The Goan Everyday, education is the key to the development of young children and Lobo, stressed the need to revive all government primary schools across the State. Shawn Martins, Sarpanch of Calangute, said that “the education is very important; it can change one’s life.  With the help of the MLA, we have given the best of the infrastructure. But, this is not enough for the locals, to come to this school. Quality education is the key.”

he further said that “Deputy Director of education has been requested to improve quality of education, and introduce e-education in these schools.”

Responding to this, Deputy Director for education, Savaikar said that the department shall take up the necessary measures to being out change and improve quality in the education system. The government is providing smart boards, projectors, laptops to government primary schools, however, Lobo said that teachers should get the necessary training, and also that the government needs to hire a consultant to improve quality of education in government primary school.

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