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Things to do When You are in Goa or Planning a Trip to Goa

Goa is a blend of ancient Portuguese colonies, sandy shores, forests, monuments, and delightful cuisine, Goa is known for its pristine beaches and dazzling
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Planning a Trip to Goa
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Goa is a blend of ancient Portuguese colonies, sandy shores, forests, monuments, and delightful cuisine, Goa is known for its pristine beaches and dazzling nightlife and now the Casinos are adding the extra flare to it. What makes Goa the most sought-after destination is its world hospitality and the influence of the western culture that you can see in almost everything.      

Goa offers a long list of experiences that you can try and there is something for everyone. If you are planning on a low-budget trip you can head on to the cheapest accommodation which is very easy to find in Goa and if you don’t care about the budget then Goa will not disappoint you. Goa offers you so much that it is worth every penny you spend. 

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while planning a trip to Goa 


Goa has two districts North Goa and South Goa. So you will have to identify which part of Goa you want to stay in. Speaking about North Goa it offers you bustling beaches and nightlife and if you are a party animal then north Goa is the right place for you. But if you want to live very close to nature and do not want the crackling sound of music and rush of parties then south Goa is the best option for you. 

Water Sports in Goa


So heading toward your plan if you are travelling solo and planning a Budget Trip to Goa? then you can consider staying at the Guest Houses or travel hostels, which start at rupees 250 onwards per person. If you are travelling in a group then you can also look for budget-friendly hotels or apartments. 

Here again, a prior search while planning will save you time and you may end up finding good accommodation with discounts that are offered on travel websites. But these options are available only during the low season time and if you are planning a trip during Christmas and New year then you have to get prepared to pay the premium price even for the Guest House that might start anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 per night. 

Roaming around 

Apart from churches and beaches, Goa has a lot of things to offer. You can search online for the best places to go or things to do in Goa to finalize your list. GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) conducts a daily tour of north and south Goa. The Price of which is Rs 225/-.

Renting a Bike in Goa

Goa has many things to offer you but unfortunately, it does not have a good public transport system making mobility almost difficult. If you want to move around in Goa then the best option is to rent a bike for better mobility and convenience. This is something you need not book in advance. But you can search around the accommodation you are staying in. 

Rent a Bike in Goa


Goa’s Food & Hospitality industry is unmatched, its biggest and the best in the country. if you are a non-veg lover then you must surely try the local fresh fish thalis in Goa and seafood. You can find beachside shacks offering a variety of dishes at a reasonable price while enjoying the beach view and also band music if the restaurant has one. 


In Goa alcohol is cheaper compared to most parts of the country which makes drinking more tempting. If you want to explore more in the drinking then you should try out the fresh Cashew Feni which is easily available in any local Taverns (Bars) in Goa. 

However, the following are some of the experiences we are sure you wouldn’t like to miss:

  1. Water sports and paragliding 
  2. Catch a glimpse of the dolphins or crocodiles
  3. Visit a pub for late-night dancing 
  4. Trek to Dudhsagar falls etc.

Trip to Dudhsagar
if you want to trek to the waterfalls then you better know which railway station to get down to and which direction to go etc. you may also take a jeep ride wherein they will drop you at Dudhsagar taxi stand. 

Firstly if possible visit Dudhsagar falls first. Don’t forget to visit all those wonderful beaches in South Goa. Relax one entire day with Goa’s amazing food and enjoy the environment. Which will help to leave any worry for a while. 

Try not to over booze else you will miss all the fun you may have, especially at shacks.

Some Important Tips When you are in Goa 

Avoid drinking and driving.

Avoid the consumption of any kind of drugs.

Avoid littering and take care of your garbage.

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