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5 Beaches You Should Avoid Visiting During Your Vacation in Goa

Monsoon is the time when the domestic tourists make plans to visit Goa. The main reason behind this is, the off-season tariff, that means
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Monsoon is the time when the domestic tourists make plans to visit Goa. The main reason behind this is, the off-season tariff, that means you can enjoy Goa in half the price of what you would normally pay if you plan to visit during the peak season time. The tourists come to Goa for its Pristine beaches, Fresh Seafood, and the Cheap liquor, but this article is only going to focus on the beaches. As you are aware that Goa is famous for its white sand beaches, but there are some beaches that you should avoid visiting during your vacation. You don’t want to fall sick by throwing yourself into the sea which is not clean right? If you want to know more about the places which you keep away, then you must read this article… 


The Colva beach in Goa is quite famous and crowded during on and offseason. Once upon a time, this beach was considered royal with its rich heritage and white sand. We cannot give it the same name today since this royal has turned into a garbage-filled site.

The research found out was that hotels and restaurants dump their waste into the sea, while there is a sewage line that leads to disgusting stinky water in. It is essential that this beach is visited at one’s own risk. You don’t want a spoilt holiday trip in Goa.


The other dangerous beach you should avoid is Anjuna. Those wanting to visit this place should be careful of the sharp rocky beach. Taking children to this beach is an absolute no! Many incidents in past have suggested that this beach could harm and spoil your vacation.

Children may fall and injure themselves from those huge rocks. This beach is only good as artistic scenery. Painters can paint, Filmmakers can shoot, Photographers can capture, but it is not very safe for normal people to go there; especially if you are not well-experienced rock climbers like the people living in that area.


Monsoon is near and if you look forward to visiting the Cavelossim Beach, then take precautions. This sea throws terrible tantrums and gets all wild during the rains. Some people even claimed that some areas of sands on this beach are sinking sand and any moving object could be pulled in. It is better to stay safe and visit this beach during other seasons of the year with a guide.


The most famous Calangute beach seems to be at the top of every tourist and locals list. But is it really that safe? The overcrowded beach causes a lot of discomforts and promotes less privacy.

It is known for its water sports and live parties at night, at the same time it is difficult to say what might happen at any corner of this vast beach. Even with many people around you be alert, because there may be chances of crimes taking place.


And the final one, that is Miramar. The popular beach in North Goa is used by a lot of people for their walks and exercise. Children and families even come here as a picnic spot. Despite its fame, this beach shows itself as a turn off zone.

Broken benches, main road vehicle sounds, overpopulated swimmers and endangered nights with drunkards, makes this beach probably the last you’d want to visit. All the more it has no restaurants or shacks on the beach except for one or two snack shop. It is impossible to spend an entire day with no shade available since it is an open ground beach.

Finally, it depends on you, whether you want to visit these five beaches. Note that this information is not to guide or change your mindset; it is just based on spreading awareness for the safety of humans. If you know any more places that you have one across during your visit to Goa please do share the same with us in the comments box below…

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