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Tourism Sector is Booming with Solo Women Travelers, Here are some important tips for solo travellers coming to Goa.

There have been numerous advents in the field of tourism. Travel and Tourism; which started out as a passion has now, bloomed into a
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There have been numerous advents in the field of tourism. Travel and Tourism; which started out as a passion has now, bloomed into a full-fledged industry. Various kinds of tours have been emerging to suit the needs of different travelers. Food Tourism, Medical Tourism, Rural Tourism are some to name here. The rising global trends have suggested growth of Tourism in the coming years. Travel and Tourism are now one of the most lucrative industries. 

In recent years, there has been innovation in technology that has made it easier for people to travel without much outside assistance. This has paved a path for a whole new segment of Tourism called the Solo Travelling. This has been gaining momentum, especially for women.  This article will tell you everything about this blossoming trend and its rise in Goa.

There has been a considerable increase in solo traveling across the globe. Solo traveling involves an individual traveling and exploring places by themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are lonely.  They take their time, meet new people and learn about the place in their own way.

As exciting as it sounds, it has been a very interesting concept for this generation. When asked as to why one prefers to travel solo, respondents came up with more than one response.

According to Solo Traveler World, 59% of the travelers replied saying they want to travel the world and do not want to wait for others to come around and  45% of them responded saying that they like the freedom of doing what they want. It is also noted that the majority of the solo travelers are highly educated, travel frequently and are looking for adventure rather than a luxury.

There have been a lot of cases where solo traveling has led to gaining of confidence in an individual. People travel to explore both the outside world and within themselves. No wonder this trend is now a hit with women.

According to Eager Journeys, they have outnumbered male travelers by almost two to one, in an analysis conducted 2017 by 101 Singles Holiday which is an online travel company.

According to the reader polls, women preferred solo traveling as it gave them a break away from responsibilities, they could handle on their own and they were adventurous than men.

In India, solo traveling becomes a tricky thing to take up. One worries about their safety and also their itinerary. One of the best places to start up with your solo traveling can be Goa.

Goa does have a notorious reputation due to some cases that have taken place but, overall this state is comparatively much safer.

This hippie destination is easy to explore and since its area is much smaller, it would be easier to navigate around.  One can dress up freely and enjoy time here.

This state has something to offer to every type of traveler. From adventure to parties, from churches to beautiful waterfalls, Goa is an ultimate stop for an incredible experience packed into a tiny state.  If planning a solitary trip to Goa or as a matter anywhere in the world, be sure to use these tips for a safer and easier journey:

  1. Make sure you do your research: This will help you gain confidence. You should learn about the places your visiting, and why are they important. This will give you an idea as to what you are planning to do during your stay.
  2. Read about the people: Goa is a home to different cultures and religions. It is necessary that one understands it and respect people’s sentiments. It becomes helpful to read blogs and articles of other people’s experience and also visit the official tourism site of that place. This will give you some insight about the destination.
  3. Safety measures: while traveling it is very crucial to keep your dear ones informed and travel safely. With crime rates increasing especially with women, traveling has become a bit challenging. One needs to take precautions while doing so, like carrying pepper sprays, share your location with friends, keep a wallet of dummy cards in case of robbery and also be aware all the time. For women, wearing a fake wedding ring can avoid many troubles and unwanted attention from men. These although is an extra effort but it is a must when the matters of security are concerned.
  4. Interact with fellow travelers and locals: it is hard to travel on your own initially. Talking to other travelers about your journey and asking suggestions from locals often comes in handy.  But caution is to be practiced; as you should be alert and not over-share you travel plans. Try not being too friendly to people as this may draw unwanted troubles.
  5. Choose a local Home-stay:  This is advised as it would be a much affordable option compared to Hotels. AirBnBs is also a good option for accommodation. Choosing to stay around local families will help you get to know about the place and plan the trip better.

Other precautions include, not accepting drinks from strangers and keeping your intuition high all the time. Solo travelling makes one connect with like-minded people and bring out a sense of independence. People have different tastes and travelling styles. Solo travel lets you travel your own way at your own pace. Hope these tips helped you and if you plan to travel solo, do plan your visit months prior to the journey. Although spontaneous plans are exciting but having an idea as how to go about is crucial.



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