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Goa Tourism Industry to resume only after COVID-19 situation comes under control but nobody knows when that will happen

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The tourism industry in Goa is one of the major sources of income for Goa Government and the stakeholders of the industry, but following the coronavirus crises everything has come to standstill and there is no prediction as to when everything will come to normal. The state Health Minister has announced the continuation of section 144 for the next six months discouraging the mass gathering and events and under such circumstances, the future of Tourism Industry looks very bleak.

According to the report published by NDTV, in the existence of section 144 which discourages mass gathering and events, the tourism industry of Goa which may not resume soon or at least for the next six months. “Mass gatherings should be discouraged in the state for next few months to contain the spread of the deadly viral infection,” the minister said.

The state’s Tourism industry which generates the revenue from the people coming down to Goa and enjoying various facilities but due to the coronavirus crises people will not be able to enter Goa so soon since Goa has sealed its boundaries from the neighbouring states and the entry of foreigners seems to be more difficult.      

The Happy Days will be here again

“The Goa tourism industry can resume only after the lockdown is lifted and the coronavirus situation is completely under control in the country,” state Ports Minister Michael Lobo told the NDTV  adding that Mass gatherings should be discouraged in the state for next few months to contain the spread of the deadly viral infection.     

Tourism is one of the major sources of revenue for the coastal state, which is popular for its picturesque beaches among both the domestic and foreign tourists. “Even after the lockdown is lifted, we cannot immediately think of opening our borders. We have to make sure the tourism industry resumes only after health protocols are followed,” Mr Lobo said.

Goa Tourism may resume in phase manner

Once Goa government allows the tourism industry to resume, all those entering the state should be thoroughly checked at the airport, railway stations and all other entry points, the minister suggested. “When they are certified as negative for coronavirus, only then they should be allowed to enter the state, he said adding that private labs can be roped in to conduct tests of people at these points.

The BJP MLA, who represents Calangute constituency in North Goa district, said he would present his suggestions to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on April 14. Goa’s key domestic markets for tourism include states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, which are also reeling under the impact of coronavirus, he noted.

Source: NDTV

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