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Why Ignoring Retainers After Braces Treatment Will Cost You Time and Money?

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Finally, your braces are coming off, and you can’t wait to show everyone your new smile. Yet your braces specialist tells you that your treatment has not come to an end. Your dentist advises you to put on a retainer to make sure the teeth remain in the new positions. So let us learn more about what these retainers are and why your dentist wants you to wear them.

Retainers are custom trays designed to keep your teeth in place after they have been moved into position by braces. Here are the top four reasons why you can’t ignore wearing them.

1. The need for the new bite to be stabilized

When the braces have been removed, the bone and soft tissues will still require time to adjust to changes in the alignment of the teeth. The retainers help to maintain the teeth in a new arrangement and ensure that the movements or relapses of the teeth are minimal.

2. They preserve space for wisdom teeth and teeth which are yet to erupt

Braces are most often worn by preteens and adolescents, whose jawbones are still growing. If the retainer is used diligently, the requisite space would be retained in their jaws to accommodate new teeth such as wisdom teeth. Constant use of the retainers ensures that the teeth are not moved or crowded due to lack of room.

3. They help teeth maintain their position

If you use braces to correct gaps between your teeth, it can take longer for your teeth to stabilize. This is especially true for extremely displaced teeth, broad overbites, and underbites. It is necessary to keep the teeth that are relocated a considerable distance securely in their new positions before the mouth can adjust to these changes. The retainer helps you achieve this.

4. To avoid reversal of treatment

After the braces are removed, the teeth tend to move back to their old positions. This reversal of the teeth positions can be avoided by the use of retainers. It’s a safe idea to wear the retainers for a few months after the dental braces have been removed.

Wearing a retainer in compliance with the guidance of your orthodontist is necessary for preserving the results of your braces. The duration can differ depending on your particular needs. Although a lifetime dedication to your dental care can be overwhelming, it is vital to maintain the investment done in your braces treatment.

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