There are news making rounds on various media sites about Goa being on terror alert following the attack in Christchurch. This sounds a little weird, right?  Every time something happens in the world, Goa seems to comes into the picture but why has the Christchurch terror attack, that took place in New Zealand, affected Goa? 

New Zealand has nothing to do with Goa and it has no political connections, but still, Goa seems to be on terrorists’ radar and we have worked out a bit of an equation that might shed some light on the reason why. 

Goa attracts tourists from all over the world but Russians and Israelis are frequent visitors as they have chartered and relatively cheap flights to come to Goa.  Israelis have been coming to Goa right from its inception and they have set up businesses as well as a synagogue (Jewish place of worship) in the state. 

There are many Israelis staying in Goa

It’s well-known that Jews and Muslims have been fighting over land in Palestine and Israel for many decades, resulting in bloodshed and thousands of deaths.

Israeli people are mainly Jewish and so it would possibly mean that Muslim terrorist organizations target tourist destinations which would cause the widest possible destruction of life and their target would be against religions not in check with their incorrect interpretation of Islam and is widely condemned across the entire world by Islamic scholars, priests and believers alike.

Goa is a tourism destination

According to some reports, police are closely monitoring and regularly patrolling busy areas where Israeli folk has made their second homes. “We have to keep a lookout and secure areas frequented by Israeli tourists as well as a prayer house they have in North Goa. The threat, according to the inputs, comes from a possible attack by Islamic State or the Al-Qaeda to avenge for the New Zealand mosque killings,” a senior police official said on condition of anonymity.

The attack on the Christchurch mosque was targeted towards the Muslim community and India has always faced threats from Islamic terrorist groups making Goa even more vulnerable to attacks, said the sources. 

There many Russians in Goa

The Christchurch shooting killed 50 people including a 3-year-old infant, and this makes the gravity of the crime even more severe. The Christchurch mosque shootings were two consecutive terrorist attacks at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, during Friday Prayer on 15 March 2019. 

The attacks began at the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 1:40 pm, and continued at the Linwood Islamic Centre at about 1:55 pm. The gunman live-streamed the first attack on Facebook Live, leading to an outcry against social media and correct procedures not being used to prevent such videos being shown.

Goa is one of the most sought after destinations in the world

Meanwhile, the body of a 27-year-old woman from Kerala, who was among the 50 killed in Christchurch terror shootings, was brought to the state on Monday and laid to rest, claims the report published by ABP Live.   

Prayers were held at the Cheraman Juma mosque at Kodungallor before the body of the woman, Ancia Alibava, was laid to rest. The mosque is said to be the oldest in the Indian subcontinent. Ancia was pursuing her M.Tech degree in an agricultural university in New Zealand. She had gone to the mosque to offer prayers along with her husband Abdul Nazar when the shooting took place on March 15 during Friday prayers, reported news agency PTI.


  1. The Land of the Goan Konkanee Ghatis !

    A Prime terror target ! Tourusts, Poor Logistics Unsecured Dams and Bridges, Narriow and Old Roads,Defence Installations,Explosives of Mining and Pandoo Police !

    Sample the Goan Chor Matka Pandoo Polce! Will these clowns stop ISIS …

    The “Gems of Parrikar” – the “Pericles of Goa” – on the “Goan Police”

    • “People ask me why I am not suspending some of the officers although they were proved to be corrupt. I can’t do that because I am already facing shortage of officers”.

    • DIG – Vimal Gupta – On corruption charge and transferred out, by CM of Goa,for “not so good” activities ( the words of the CM of Goa)

    The Story is that the Devyani Naik and Chandan Naik bribed Panwari Bania DIG – Gupta Mishtan Bhandar, and the wimps of the ACB took the maximum time to file the FIR

    The statements of TN Mohan Ex-DGP,Goa Police (Sambhar Dosa)

    • Goa Police chief T.N. Mohan (Masala Dosa) on Wednesday said he was “ashamed” at the “unacceptable levels of corruption” in the force.

    Plague of immorality of the Goa Police

    • IGP – Panwari Bania – Sunil Garg – On Taped bribery charge with the Goan Chief Secretary sitting on the FIR File and the ACB refusing to file FIR inspite of a Court Order
    • DIG – Panwari Bania – Vimal Gupta – On corruption charge and transferred out by CM of Goa for not so good activities
    • •SP Crime – Karthik Kashyap – Bailable Warrant served on him, at District Court,Amreli, Gujarat
    • •PI ATS – Nilesh Rane – A B Com Pass in the 3 rd Division, suffering anal fissures and accused of being a pimp, extortionist, racketeer and a rapist (with a record of censures, penalties,demotions and dismissals)
    • •PI ATS – Jivbya Dalvi – stole money during notebandi and tampered evidence in the Melvyn Gomes case
    • ATS clowns are staffed by 3rd division Commerce and Arts Graduates who have passed from Goa University,by doing Projects, in the 3 rd year,with scores of 70% (id.est, part of the Goa University scam – to make Konkani Niggers pass the graduate courses) – with Bhandare OBC caste affiliations – as sons of cobblers, mechanics,,sweepers and barbers.
    • •ANC – Several Staff Chargesheeted by CBI for drug peddling and extortion and accused of planting and tampering with evidence•
    • Anthony Montesserate – Demoted,Censured,Sacked and Reinstated on several occasions (like Lazarus)
    • CBI – Refused to carry out an investigation in the matka operations in the state – inspite of a Court Order (they are all police officers)
    • •MATKA– Goa is the Matka Capital of the World (with the matka mafia paying off the pandoo police and the netas who in turn pay off the goan people at the time of elections – as “vote gratuity”)
    • As per Mr Mickey Pachecho – the Goan Police is a Chor Matka Pandoo Police and so are all the MLAs in the Fenee Land of Goa – all are in the Payroll of Matka operators

    Plague of ineptitude, corruption and impotence of the Goa Police

    • •SP ATS – Priyanka Kashyap – Secured entry from the OBC (Roojam)class and a BE in IT – On Abortion leave (suffering from pre-eclampsia and sadly did not die – in the last abortion), for 18 out of 36 months, with several tales and complaints of incompetence on this dimwit (including the rampage by Nigerians and the Nigerian Ambassador, who abused her (as a whore) with forensic trail, and the fiasco of the Kamaxi case etc.)
    • Devesh Mahale – SP ATS – Secured entry from the OBC class who failed in Training Programs in the Indian Evidence Act,Forensic Medicine and Police Leadership
    • SIT – Staffed by inept fools whose investigations have led nowhere,and also, since the netas deem it fit to understaff and ill equip these morons – since they know the worth of the clowns of the Goa Police
    • EOC- Staffed by inept fools whose investigations have led nowhere, and also since the netas deem it fit to understaff and ill equip these morons – since they know the worth of the clowns of the Goa Police
    • ACB – staffed by inept illiterate clowns and morons from the Police, who are meant to independently probe corruption in the Goa Police and the Goa State ( used as pimps by Netas to harass public servants and Politicians)
    • Vasco Police – 10th and 12th pass clowns appointed as ASI and PSI like VS Naik and Talvalankar who cannot read,write,speak or understand English
    • Scarlett Keeling – The Police could not secure a conviction as it got paid off (The Court acquitted all the accused)
    • •Margao Bombing – The Police could not secure a conviction as it got paid off and the fact that they are pandoos (The Court acquitted all the accused)
    • •Vasco Bombing – The Police could not secure a conviction as it got paid off and the fact that they are pandoos (The Court acquitted all the accused)
    • •Anti Islamic Bias -The Police who molested 88 Madrassa schoolgirls in a police station and the 2 pandoo police officers responsible for arresting the 88 girls – were feted by the Konkani Limpets of Vasco
    • Jail Breaks – are passe for the Goan Chor Matka Police
    o Mr Michael Fernandes, who has had 6 escapes from the inept,incompetent, matka Goa Police – from their jail, escort van etc…..
    o Innovation by “Hitler Fernandes and Seby Ferrao” of Sada Jail,who escaped after drilling a hole in the toilet
    • Bhang and Meat Party in Goan Pandoo Jail
    o Goa Matka Police have jails where inmates have “a bhang and meat party” – and the Meat and Bhang was made,in the Police Pantry and Canteen
    • The LPC of the Goan Police – only fit to check the orifices of Menino Fernandes to dig out the drug packets
    • LPCs are just busy committing suicide as they are sexually abused and raped by the Goan Matka Police
    • Confidence – Menino Fernandes – caught with drugs on several occassions – but is not bothered as there is an angel on earth,saving him – the Goan Matka Pandoo Police
    • •Cross Defilers – The Pandoo Police who could not stop the defiling of the graveyards of Christians• and falsely implicated an innocent ,man who is a Christian,and who was also acquitted
    • •David Headley, Shambu Beck and Yasin Bhatkal stayed for a long time in Goa as tourists and the Pandoo Police had no clue, and were high on matka,khainee and fenee
    • Then there is “His Excellency Charles Sobhraj” – who escaped Tihar Jail and came to Goa Fenee Land to eat Chicken Cafreal, at the O’ Coqueiro Restauran,waiting for the Pandoos to arrest him (the owner of the food joint,has a statue in his memory)
    • Tha Police could not stop an inmate Ashfaque, from being killed by another inmate and the Pandoo Police have still not found the murder weapon !
    • Goan Police could not handle a Group of 100 Nigerians who brought the Fenee State of Goa to a halt•
    • Sagar Kavatch Police who could not detect a fake bomb o/s a Police Post
    • •The state of Security-in the Brics summit, thieves stole the water valves, of the Pandoo Police from their quarters
    • A pepper spray used by an Israeli was enough to con these limpet impotent pandoo clowns
    • The Police investigated Mickey Pacheco for 9 years for money laundering, and then filed a closure report


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