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NGO Locks Beggars and Mentally ill Persons in a Cage

The job of NGO is to take care of the ill doings of the society and do justice to the victims but here, in
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The job of NGO is to take care of the ill doings of the society and do justice to the victims but here, in this case, the NGO locked Beggars and Mentally ill people picked up from the streets in a cage-like animals, although NGO clarified that they were trying to rehabilitate the beggars and mentally ill people by doing this.   

A disability rights NGO in Goa on Tuesday filed a complaint with the state police, alleging that beggars and mentally ill persons were kept locked in a “cage” in a church compound in North Goa’s Agacaim area, near the state capital.

The Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG), which is a local NGO, has alleged that there is a large “cage” in the church compound of Agassaim Church wherein all the occupants are homeless persons. They have further alleged that these beggars were picked up from the streets by a social service organization and housed in a confined area.

“We have received a complaint from concerned citizens that mentally ill persons and beggars are illegally confined in a cage in the church premises. Confinement of the mentally ill persons is a criminal offense under the Mental Health Act 2017,” DRAG convenor Avelino D’Sa told reporters in Panaji.

D’Sa said that he met up with SP North Utkrisht Prasoon regarding the matter who then directed his SDPO to immediately investigate the matter.

D’Sa further informed that the DySP directed Agacaim PI Uday Parab to visit the site and submit his report.

PI Parab and his team rushed to the spot where they conducted inquiries on the spot and are now in the process of questioning the inmates with the help of mental health specialists.

While speaking to the press, a police inspector in charge of the Agacaim Police station said that inquiries were being conducted.

Police sources stated that out of the nine inmates who were in the barricaded area in the church premises, there are three who are mentally ill.

Police sources further informed that these people were picked up from the streets by an NGO as part of their rehabilitation program and were being provided with food and medication by the NGO.

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