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Government Is Ready To Help The Youth of Goa Looking To be Self Employed, Says Lobo

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Government Is Ready To Help The Youth
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Urging the youth to be self-employed, especially during the pandemic, Ports minister Michael Lobo, sent out a call for action to the unemployed youths of Goa to put stalls and sell Goan delicacies to tourists visiting the state.

Especially now that the state is ready to welcome its tourists this festive season, this can be a golden opportunity for the unemployed youth to make some money. Lobo said that he believes the Goan youth is very talented and that they can make good use of this opportunity.

”Our youth can prepare the foodstuff at home and sell it at the food carts that will be set up in a mini-market at Parra-Verla-Canca. Goans are talented and can prepare things like Tendli Pickle or even bangda pickle (para), Sweets like Besan or Bundi Laddoo, or Chokri. In the evening, they can sell “Bhajjas”. It is necessary for Goans to do this now,” Lobo said.

The Ports Minister was speaking with media after the inauguration of a food cart donated by him to local youth in the village of Calangute. Also present were Calangute Sarpanch Dinesh Simepurushkar, Panchayat member, Shawn Martins, ZP member Dattaprasad Dabholkar and others.

In the span of a month, Lobo plans to donate at least five more such food carts which will be set up in the mini market in Parra-Verla-Canca. Lobo wishes to donate one cart to a group of seven or eight people so they can sell their wares.

“They can all come together and do business and whatever profit they make after every eight days can be shared among them. The unemployed youth of around eight girls will be provided one cart and another cart to eight boys,” he said.

Lobo said he hopes that the youth will take their market to another level by promoting on social media and using delivery services. Just from selling from 8 to 8 daily, business will be really good.

Lobo said that the Calangute panchayat will also be providing help to the youth by giving them licenses and personal loans to start such businesses on their own property. If the youth has a license getting FDA approval becomes easy. 

Lobo has reportedly ordered 50 such carts and will be donating them to the youth taking the initiative and looking to start their own business. Panch member Shawn Martins believes this will be a great help to the poor people.

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