Honeymoon Beach – The Unexplored Gem Of Goa

Honeymoon Beach in South Goa
Honeymoon Beach in South Goa

Goa! one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world is very well known for its serene virgin beaches. Although things have been changing and some of the beaches have become tourist hubs, crowded, dirty but there are some hidden gems which still remain untouched by the tourist crowd and here we are going to tell about one such place which is known as “Honeymoon Beach”.  

Goa being a whole paradise has various hidden miniature paradises in itself, Honeymoon Beach is one of those. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state.

Honeymoon Beach is located in South Goa, a few kilometres away from Palolem. It is called the Honeymoon Beach as it is the perfect spot for couples to spend time with each other. There is a neighbouring beach to the Honeymoon Beach called the Butterfly Beach, it is known as Butterfly Beach as due to the thick forest different varieties of butterflies are attracted towards the beach.

It is indeed a hidden gem as the beach is visible only during low tide and mostly submerged during high tide. During the low tide, one can witness several aquatic animals such as crabs, goldfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and others.

One can even bless their eyes with the glimpses of the dolphins that are attracted towards the beach due to the calm and clean ambience. 

On one hand, the beach is covered with the lush green carpets and on the other hand, one can see the infinite blues of the Arabian Sea. One can travel to the beach either by trekking through the forest or by hopping onto a ferry boat from Palolem beach.

To get the perfect experience of the beach, the right time to visit it is in the winter season which begins in December and ends in February. In the winter season, the beach is quite cool and breezy, which is definitely the perfect weather to visit the beach.

Whereas during the summer season and monsoon season, the beach is ‘hot and humid’ and witnesses heavy rainfall, respectively. 

Due to the lack of accommodations and facilities, it is recommended to leave the beach before it’s dark and to carry food and other necessities. As it is quite a small beach which is also highly dependent on the tides, there are no shacks or resorts on the beach. There are no watersports or other activities.

This beach purely gives one the chance to admire the beauty of nature to the fullest.

When you visit this sequestered and impeccable beach, do not litter the area because it is our duty as visitors to make sure we do not dirty the beach. This paradise should be preserved by humans as it is our responsibility.

Taking care of the beach by not littering it will help the aquatic life to live better and keep the beauty of the beach constant.


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