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Goa CM Points Out The Loopholes In Government Department Working Style and Warns The Head of Departments

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Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant
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Chief Minister Pramod Sawant came down heavily on the state’s bureaucratic system, delivering stern instructions to all the secretaries and heads of departments to work in an effective and ‘prompt’ manner for the best interest of local Goans.   

The Chief Minister was speaking as part of the Vigilance Week ceremony that commenced from today, in the presence of state Chief Secretary Parimal Rai and others. Stressing on the year’s theme, “Vigilant India, Prosperous India”, the Chief Minister focussed on the fact that the bureaucracy plays a key role in the implementation of the state government’s schemes and policies. 

“If we want to make the state prosperous, it is only the bureaucracy that can achieve it, and not us politicians. You are the one who has to work towards implementing the strategies and policies,” Sawant said, adding that government department heads must work in a proper and effective manner.

CM Sawant also made strong remarks against the heads of departments, Directors of Department stating that he is aware of some HOD’s who report to work late, while some others do not even report to the work. He also called upon the HOD’s to be extra cautious as they represent the department, and should work towards bettering each department they represent. 

“In your department, what is to be done, what is not to be done, you should decide and work towards providing the best services to the people. I’m aware of some staff of certain departments who don’t even come to work and the HOD doesn’t even ask about it,” he said, adding that he keeps a tab on the functioning of every department through his ground staff and other persons.

Stressing on a ‘prompt working’ culture, the CM cited several times wherein people are forced to visit government offices multiple times to get one work done. He gave a strong remark, stating that the state goes out the way to provide amenities to people from outside the state, but ‘can’t we give the same treatment for our own Goans’, the CM asked.

The grim situation highlighted by the Chief Minister is, in fact, very much the true situation in various government departments of the state. A lethargic attitude is followed, which in turn causes many grievances to the public who have to make several trips to offices for simple works. 

Furthermore, as the country has been going digital for almost all services, Goa has been much on the back-foot when it comes to the digitization of its services, and much of the government departments have failed to keep its websites updated for services that could be accessed by the general public. 

“Almost 70-80% websites are not updated, or they do not work,” the CM said, adding, “This is not the duty of the CM and CS. It is the duty of all you head of departments (to keep websites up to date),” he said. 

When it comes to various schemes, the state has been at the front sphere of announcing them, however, on the ground, its implementation lacks very badly. Calling upon bureaucratic leaders to work towards its implementation to the fullest, the CM cited instances of various panchayats not doing ground inspections, and other works. 

“Heads of departments should take responsibility and make their staff work 100%. Heads should give targets for each person and they must not just sit at the office everyday ideal,” the CM hit back. 

Urging secretaries to make office visits to one taluka at least once a week, he advised the staff of all government offices to work for the betterment of the people and give in their 100%. 

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