It is no more surprising that whatever is happening in the state lately have taken lots of tourists away from Goa. The domestic tourist inflow dropped drastically this year-end, and the foreigners also preferred to look for other alternatives. The overall drop in the tourists led Goa to be left behind in the race with other states and Bengal bagged the sixth rank leaving Goa and Kerala behind.
The hippie culture began in the Goa during the late 60s and continued to through early 80s started fading in the early 90s and it is now on the verge of vanishing completely from Goa. The Hippie tourism gave Goa an image of paradise where foreigners would dwell freely and fearlessly, roam around any part of the state without the fear of getting robbed or raped. But that paradise has died its slow death and new commercial tourism became the trend of the day.   
Women empowerment is a powerful topic these days. Feminism, gender equality and blurring the lines of gender roles have been the main focus of this decade-long drive. Women are doing more today than they ever have previously, doing the same things that only men used to do and are making progress in every way. Women now bring more than their feminism: they are strong, independent, ambitious and nurturing. They are the equal halves of men and are proudly making a mark in the world. 
“Ek Shaam Rafi Ke Naam” is a yearly event organized by Hotel Fidalgo to give tribute to late Shri Mohd. Rafi Ji. The event is attended by hundreds of music lovers from across the state. This event is celebrated as a remembrance of legendary singer Mohd. Rafi whose birthday also falls during the same month of the 31 st July.
Goa Tourism is marching forward under the capable guidance of its MD Mr. Nikhil Desai who always been striving to take the tourism industry of Goa to the next level and taking parts in various travel fairs is one of the initiatives of promoting tourism across the world. In one such recent initiative, the Goa Tourism bagged the ‘Best Stall Décor Award’ at TTF (Travel and Tourism Fair) held in Kolkata.
GMC (Goa Medical College) has always remained in the news due to various reasons, sometimes for the medical negligence and sometimes due to carelessness. The pathetic condition of GMC doesn’t remain hidden from the people of Goa, but despite that instead of improving the standard of the Goa’s only medical college hospital, the authorities seem to have preferred to turn the blind eyes towards it.
If you live in Goa, you might have surely witnessed women selling Mushrooms on the huge leaves on the roadside, but do you know how much that tasty mushroom, that every Goan crave for during the monsoon season, creates the havoc to the forests of Goa? Take a look at this article. After reading this article you may not stop the consumption of Mushrooms, but at least it will give the heads up to them about how much damage we are causing to our ecosystem.      
The Decline in a tourism business has become the fate of Goa and with every year the number kept coming down.  The number of international tourists arriving in Goa during the current season has declined by almost ten percent. To reverse this trend during the coming tourist season, the State government is undertaking various measures. Let us take a look…
It is said that the Necessity is a mother of Invention and the story of the origination of the Flea Market in the state is nothing different. You will be surprised to know how the concept of Flea Market came into existence. Here in this very interesting story, we are going to tell how the Hippies Market came into existence in Goa.
As rightly said by a Japanese proverb, “You cannot hide three things for long: The Sun, moon and the truth.”This statement stands right for the following story. The mystery of the remains of a skeleton found in the house at Aquem, Margao has been finally solved. Joining the points of the incident, it all led to an incident that occurred nearly eleven years ago. What follows will leave one shocked. To know more read on.