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Swapnil Shetkar, Changing the face of Goan film industry

Swapnil Shetkar is a young and enterprising Producer / Director who made one of the Goa’s most talked about flicks, Home Sweet Home. This movie changed the entire perception of Goan Cinema lovers. The new era of Goan film began with this film. After the success of first part Swapnil dared to do the second part and this was perhaps the first time in the history of Goan film industry where the sequel of the movie was made.

Bardroy Barretto the Goan born talent who made it to the Oscars

There are many creative personalities from Goa working in the film industry of Mumbai but their contributions hardly help Goa as most of them do not contribute much to our industry although we always feel proud to be associated with those big names. But the story of Bardroy Barretto is completely different. This small town boy from Galgibag Canacona helped to take the name of Goa’s film industry to the international level. The movie Nachom-ia Kumpasar reached to the Oscars.

First Konkani Movie Remade in Hindi and dubbed in 7 languages

Konkani film industry has just started spreading its tentacles in Goa with some really good quality movies been produced recently by the new generation producers. Though the budgets were small but due to its quality content most of them did well at the box office. Some even managed to get their place in international film festivals, but many of you may not be aware that the Goan film industry started flourishing in the early 60’s but unlike the Mumbai film industry it did not reach to any destination and perhaps collapsed due to the lack of resources and audience.

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