Russian Tourists Enjoying their stay in Goa despite of Coronavirus Scare

Foreigners in Goa 2

While most the foreigners have stopped their travel plans to India due to the coronavirus scare the foreigners in Goa are not worried about the same as they are enjoying the pleasant weather of Goa. While the tourism industry is under pressure due to the coronavirus scare, Russian tourists in the Calangute-Candolim beach belt are …

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Tourism Minister Adamant on Appointing the Government Representative on Goa Tourism Board

Already sinking tourism industry in Goa faces another roadblock as the Tourism Minister remains adamant over appointing of the Government representatives on the Tourism Board. According to him, the power shall remain with the Government. The composition of the proposed Goa Tourism Board (GTB) which was formed under the Draft Tourism Policy remains in abeyance …

Tourism Minister Adamant on Appointing the Government Representative on Goa Tourism Board Read More »

Now the Car and Bike Rental Services in Goa will have to Upload the Photographs and Identity proof of their Customers to Goa Police Group Messaging App

Goa police have turned to the social media messaging app to combat the criminals who rob the bike and car rented by them from the car/bike rental companies in Goa. According to the police records, the theft of the case has shown a stiff growth recently. To begin with, the capital city police of Goa have started the messaging Group and soon the same will spread across the state.    

Goa Lacks Basic Facilities such as Potable Water and Public Toilets for the Tourists

It is a very sad state of affairs that Goa, being such a tourist hub, lacks the very basic of facilities. Expectations such as toilets, drinking water, sheds and benches not only on the beaches but also in the major cities across the state, are simply not met. Recently a photo of domestic and foreign tourists sitting on the road along with their luggage went viral on social media. The images were published on the recent edition of local daily Gomantak Times on its front page. 

The beginning of a New Year May See a Spike in Tourist Inflow in Goa

With the number of events and parties have lined up during the year-end222 in Goa, the boost in tourist inflow seems to be inevitable in the state. The gradually declining tourism scenario in the state will find some solace with the upcoming music events like Sunburn and Klassique scheduled to take place in Goa this month-end.

9 Russians Amongst the 15 Tourists Rescued from Drowning in Goa

Despite of the red flag tourists coming down to Goa from various parts of country and across the world does not take the cognisance of the same and decide to venture into the choppy seawater resulting into the drowning but the vigilant Life Guards posted on the beaches across Goa make all their efforts to save the lives of these tourists. 

Delayed Allotment of Shacks comes as Blessing in Disguise to the Shack Owners

Imagine the shacks had been set up and the Cyclonic rain have destroyed everything. Incessant rains lashing the state in the past two days have brought life to a standstill. The coastal areas were hit the most especially the Calangute – Candolim beach stretch on Friday. Gauravaddo in Calangute and Ximer in Candolim were the worst affected what with the seawater having entered houses and large tracts of land belonging to hotels and resorts being washed away.

Beach Shack is Not a Construction and It Does not Harm Ecology, says High Court

Goa known as the sunshine state of India is known for its beach and nightlife. What with Goa being on the threshold of another tourism season, stakeholders in the tourism industry are on their toes preparing for arrivals of tourists as well as grating permissions and renewing of licenses of various hotels, shacks, restaurants, guest houses, transport as well as sports activities in the state. After the CRZ was enforced in the State, over two decades back, the High Court has finally stated that shacks are temporary erections comprising of bamboo and palm leaves and does not fall under construction.

Make E-Visa Easy For the Foreigners Arriving at Goa Airport, GTDC Chairman Urges Centre

Visa is one of the biggest hurdles for a lot of foreigners, especially the budget tourist coming down to Goa from various courtiers across the world and hence making the visa mew flexible will surely increase the tourist flow into the state. Goa which attracts nearly half a million foreign tourists every year, easing of e-tourism visa norms has been a regular demand of the Travel and Tourism industry stakeholders.

Travel Related Diseases is a New Threat to the Tourism Industry of Goa?

In the past few years, the tourism has been constantly on the decline in the state of Goa, especially those high spending tourists, have suddenly seemed to be disappeared from the scene, and they are replaced by the cheap and bargaining tourists. Goa’s economy and businesses are mainly dependent on the tourism industry and following the closure of Mining business in the state that is the only source of income remains for the state government locals alike. Goa lost the high spending tourists which made a lot of difference to the dream of every tourist. why tourism is scaling down in the state? The reason is the existence of a Travel Related Disease that is creating a threat to the tourism industry of Goa…   

Goa Gets Less Than 10% of the Foreign Tourist Inflow into the Country

Goa though being the smallest state in India is known as an international tourist destination, thanks to its golden beaches, tranquil fields, and religious and heritage structures. A proper cost-benefit analysis of tourism needs to be done. As per the annual report of the Union Ministry of Tourism, Goa accounts for less than 10% of the foreign tourist inflow into the country.

No More Permissions For The Shack Until Coastal Zone Management Plan Submitted to the Centre

It looks like this year the shack owners will be going to have a tough time as the Chief Minister have taken the serious stand on allowing the permissions for the shacks until the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) is submitted to the center. The above stand of CM had resulted in fear amongst the shack owners who feel that this will lead to reducing the tourist flow into the state in the forthcoming season. 

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