Talasha Prabhu

Goa’s Top Swimmers Facing Health Hazards Due to Contaminated Water of Peddem Pool

The proposed National Games begins in Bhopal next month, but one of Goa’s top swimmers has fallen ill, thanks to training in the contaminated waters of the Peddem swimming pool. Along with broken tiles and murky waters, Goa’s top swimmers are now left to battle health hazards and two of the State’s top swimmers, Talasha Prabhu and Jerry D’Mello have taken ill after training in contaminated water. One of them has even said they would not recover in time for the Nationals.

Talasha Prabhu, The success story of the young mermaid of Goa

Parents always try to make sure that their children achieve great heights in their life and in pursuit of that they start finding out the best possible avenue for them. Many of us try to project our own unfulfilled desires and ambitions into our children and forced them to do something they never liked to. But there are few who try to find out the hidden talent in their children and try to nurture them till it flourishes. This is the story of one such young girl of Goa who became the star swimmer of India on the international level and the credit of it goes to her parents.

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