GIRL POWER!!! Makes All the Difference in the Society

Women empowerment is a powerful topic these days. Feminism, gender equality and blurring the lines of gender roles have been the main focus of this decade-long drive. Women are doing more today than they ever have previously, doing the same things that only men used to do and are making progress in every way. Women now bring more than their feminism: they are strong, independent, ambitious and nurturing. They are the equal halves of men and are proudly making a mark in the world. 

Women’s Day Special – Gender Equality from a different perspective

Recently there was a full series of difficult dialogues on Gender equality in International Centre, Dona Paula, Goa. It stressed on Empowerment of women and problems faced by them in overcoming the gender inequality. Each year the international women’s day is celebrated with more and more fervor and is soon approaching this year too. But the Problems related to women and their empowerment increase in manifolds.

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