The Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho today announced government decision to issue new tourist taxi permits to around 800-odd vehicles in the State. This announcement comes after a delay of almost 2 months. It has also decided to grant time till January 2020 fo taxi operators to apply and obtain a badge, which has been made mandatory. 
Baga beach has become one of the most talked about places for domestic as well the foreigners and most of the people traveling use their own vehicles making use of google maps for reaching to Baga or any other place for that matter but here is a hitch, if you are  trying to reach to Baga with the help of Google Maps then you must read this before you start.
The collapse of Thomas Cook UK has dealt a big blow to the tourism industry in Goa. UK’s oldest tour operator would ferry tens of thousands of visitors to Goa every year, which chose to make the sunshine state their home in order to avoid the harsh winters in their country.
This is not the new story in Goa and its been happening for the ages, but no action has been taken against the Bus Operators involved in these malpractices. The villages in Goa are more affected by this. Here we are exposing one case that was posted on the Facebook Group by Youth of Goa but there are many cases that do not get exposed. After reading this article, if you come across any such situation, please do bring it to our notice and we will post the same on our social media wall.     
Goa is a tiny State in India, yet a tourist destination par excellence. Goa Tourism’s persistent efforts at marketing and promotion of the State in recent years have borne rich dividends. Receiving more than 6 million tourists, both domestic and foreign who come to experience its natural beauty, tourism adventure activities, festival and cultural tourism and a lot more 365 days of the year, has rightly earned recognition to the State as the Most Preferred Destination for tourists in India, by none other than the Google India report which was released this week. The report is based on searches conducted by Indians between February and April 2017.
The image of Goa has been portrayed as a beach and party destination and most of the domestic tourists come to Goa to have fun, but Goa is much more beyond beaches and bars and there are many offbeat things that you can do while on your trip to Goa. This piece of article will shed some more light on the offbeat activities that you can do while in Goa.
There is a common practice when the cops see the vehicles registered outside the Goa moving around in the state, it is invariably stopped on the pretext of checking the documents and from thereon the real harassment of the tourists begins. Despite many reports in the media nothing much had been done in the past which led to depriving Goa of tourists. But now it looks like the CM of Goa Mr Pramod Sawant has taken cognisance of the same and issued new guidelines to reduce the harassment of the tourists by the cops.       
Goa is a land of magic, its mesmerizing beauty captivates the senses of people who visit this place. According to the author of this article, who visited Goa for the first time, Goa captures to all the five senses, you can really see, hear, smell, taste, and feel it. That is something beyond the imagination of the common man, but the author’s perception of Goa is completely based on her journey to the land of the Portuguese Era.   
It is pretty sure that we have visited all the beaches in Goa, but not ALL!!! There many more beaches that we are yet unaware of. The suspense lies in every corner of the universe and so does in Goa. Some beaches have been unknown to people while some are private beaches. Let’s take a look at these beaches so that your next visit in Goa can be more fun.
A big 250 seat restaurant run by the celebrity chef Sara Todd caught fire on Wednesday afternoon and before anybody could do anything everything turned into the ashes. How this happened and what exactly caused the fire is a matter of an investigation. Todd first shot to fame in 2014 when she took part in MasterChef Australia, a competitive cooking game show.