Manguirish Pai Raikar – Working Towards Bringing the Green Revolution in Goa

We think that money can buy anything but if something ceases to exist, how can it then be bought? The answer is – it cant. Money cannot buy things that do not exist and this is applicable for the food that we need on a daily basis. Some foods need to be grown in fields and a certain Mr Manguirish Raikar set up and heads Goa’s first Agriculture College which creates farmers.

Goa’s Ganesha – A Believer of Family

The Hindu pantheon of gods has one lord for each quality found to be admirable in a human being. The foremost of all is Ganesha. He is the remover of all obstacles, the one to be prayed to before beginning anything. The son of Shiva and Parvati, his wisdom is unchallengeable. His birth is as unusual as his elephant head! But even more unusual is his choice of vehicle – a mouse! But all these peculiarities arise due to the fact that they are all symbolizations. The vast heaps of knowledge our ancestors possessed, they chose to pass onto juvenile minds bit by bit, through mythologies, and traditions. And these stories and traditions are remembered and shared on festival days. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Goa. But what is so special about this? Well read on and you will know!

Sonia Shirsat – The Goan Voice Who Ferried Fado to Goa

Don’t many parents dream their little children, singing rhymes in front of their family or a small song at a festive gathering; will one day shine and be famous? Well, little Sonia had a similar beginning to what would go on to become her career and take her all around the world. Sonia Shirsat is a well-known name in Goa by now for sure. Her songs have taken everyone by storm. She has often been interviewed and featured, but today, you will get to know her real story, from the first bricks she used to build her career to the nuts and bolts fixed in between. Real stories are proof that impossible things are possible! So here is a real story of a singer I bet will inspire you to chase your dreams too.

Conservation of Turtle Nests at the Goan Beaches – Awareness and Protection

The Turtle nesting on Goa beaches has been part of its environment ecosystem before 1991. But due to the surge in Tourism, witnessed in the last ten years (specifically in the last five years where the jump is massive), has negatively impacted these Eco-sensitive zones. Since then, the forest department along with support from the government, and the locals have made numerous efforts for its conservation.

“INCREDIBLE GOA AWARDS 2018” – Recognizing the Incredible People of Goa

Incredible Goa Magazine – Goa’s very own society magazine captures the essence of Goa. We at Incredible Goa diligently work towards bringing into the spotlight the true spirit of Goa and its people. Incredible Goa magazine found the opportunity to organise an exclusive Awards Night on April 21st, 2018 at the Golden Mile of Goa – The Tito’s. The main aim of the awards was to acknowledge the work of Goans in various fields of specialisation, especially the ones who have been silently contributing to the society without being recognised for it.

Closure of Goa’s Iron ore mines – the impact and consequences

The Goa iron ore mines had been a direct/indirect source of employment to close to 0.2 million people. The honourable Supreme Court announced the closure of iron ore extraction activity in the state with effect from March 15, 2018. The five-decade-old mining industry in Goa is facing the “biggest” mining ban coming into force which has been one of the key revenue generators for the coastal state.

6 Best Waterfalls in Goa and What you need to know before you visit them

The monsoon tourism of Goa can also be addressed as ‘Waterfall Tourism’ since most of the tourists visiting the State this time of the year are here to check out some of the most exotic waterfalls in Goa. During monsoon, Goa has many things to offer, such as, Hinterland Tourism, Trekking, Water Rafting, visits to plantations and checking out some of the most exotic waterfalls. In this issue, we are going to give you feel of the blessedness that Goa is bestowed within its bounties with the presence of spectacular waterfalls. We will also tell you about the things you need to know before, after and during your visit to the waterfalls.


The state’s main income source is considered to be the Tourism Industry of Goa, and we can say that around 75% of the locals depend on the business that comes from the tourists coming to Goa. The Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, and Shacks survive majorly on the tourism industry, and hence the healthy tourism industry is the need of a day. Department of Tourism is working towards the improvement of this sector, but the main organisation that looks after the day to day development of the tourism business in Goa is the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation), and the human powerhouse who runs this corporation is the Managing Director of GTDC Mr. Nikhil Desai.

Incredible ‘Mario de Miranda’ – A Tribute to the legendary Goan ARTIST

Goans have done the innumerable amount of contribution in the field of arts and culture, not alone in India but rest of the world. The world recollects Goa for its pristine beaches, Fish curry rice & Caju Feni but in reality, Goa has much more to offer to the world. Goa is a land of talent, culture, and traditions. Many world-renowned talents have born on this soil and their contributions have crossed the geographical boundaries. Goa is not only about beaches, fish curry, and Feni but it is also about the people and their contributions.

The Changing Face of Politics in Goa

Perhaps, Goans are the most simple and humble people I have come across till date. The kind of hospitality that you will enjoy in Goa will be seldom to get in any other part of the India. Although, Goa is very much part of India but people of Goa are completely different compared to the people in rest of the India. Goans love to dwell in Peace and Harmony. They like to wine and dine and partying whole night. But one thing they don’t like at all is the intrusion of unknown people in their personal space. The people of Goa are highly reserved as far as the acceptance of any adaptation is concerned. Basically, they do not like the alterations in the existing system and when someone tries to change their mindset against their will and wishes than that is the end of their relationship with that particular entity. Under such circumstances, the political battle in Goa is spreading the different colours. Along with the existing political parties, the new players also trying to penetrate into the Goan politics. Does this changing face of the politics in Goa will be able to change the mindset of Goans? or the Goans will change the game? This article will give you the comprehensive insight into The Changing Face of Politics in Goa.


My name is Anthony Gonsalves is one of the most famous songs that was picturized on the superstar of Indian film industry, Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji, in an epic movie “Amar Akbar Anthony” but how many of you know that the song was a tribute from Shri Pyarelal Ji (Laxmikant – Pyarelal duo) to the legendary Goan composer and the music arranger of the Indian music industry, Bab Anthony Gonsalves. Mr. Anthony Gonsalves lived his life away from the limelight of Bombay film industry, in a small scenic village of Majorda, near Margao in south Goa. He was the first and the only person from Goa to receive the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Although he has done a big contribution towards the Indian industry of Music but very few people in Goa are aware of this fact. This story is a tribute of Incredible Goa to Mr. Anthony Gonsalves.


November 9th will be going down into the history (as 9/11 Demonetisation Day) once again with one of the most important notifications issued by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji on the currency demonetisation at previous night at 8pm. This is perhaps the second time after 1978 that notes of 1000 were banned in Indian by the top most powerful person in Indian political arena. The news spread like a fire in the media at around 8pm on 8th November and the social media became a platform for spreading numerous rumors on demonetization and filled up with the updates on demonetisation making its mockery of the system. What is this demonetization of the currency is all about and how much it affected to our tiny state Goa? Incredible Goa has made a comprehensive report on the demonisation and its effects on Goa.

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